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CMTT’s Picks for Top 10 Country Albums of 2015

chris stapleton traveller

We’ve compiled a list of CMTT’s top 10 Country Albums of 2015. They may not be popular choices or for the reasons you’d expect, but here they are all the same.

10.Maddie and Tae ‘Start Here’: Talk about a strong debut. These girls knocked it out of the park and said out loud what everyone was feeling with their debut single “Girl in a Country Song.” Fans were sick and tired of girls in short shorts dancing in the back of pick-ups in the middle of a corn field. They then followed it up with a fantastically uplifting “Fly,” showing the duo had depth and range. Oh, and they’re as good live as they are on their album.

9. Tim McGraw ‘Damn Country Music’: Tim McGraw came back with a sound much more like the Tim that broke the scene with “Indian Outlaw” and “Don’t take the Girl.” He started singing “Damn Country Music” again and we couldn’t be happier.

8. Zac Brown Band ‘Jekyll and Hyde’: Zac Brown Band re-emerged onto country radio with a country folk sound that made us happy again. They went through a brief depressing period with their previous album, and Jekyll and Hyde shows more sides to the group that we haven’t heard before along with showcasing their incredible talent.

7. Kacey Musgraves ‘Pageant Material’: What can I say?? I love me some Kacey Musgraves! This girl is a true songstress, bending words, lyrics and phrases in the tongue and cheek way only she in her sequined boots can. To top it off, this album was recorded live, which is the way all albums should be made, in my opinion.

6. Chris Young ‘I’m Comin’ Over’: Thank God Chris Young is back. No offense to him, but I wasn’t diggin’ his ‘Awe Naw’ sound and toe-dipping into bro-country. I much prefer country crooner Chris, and this is exactly what we get with “I’m Comin’ Over.’

5.Cam ‘Untamed’: The only thing better than a smash-hit-outta-the-gate single like “Burning House” is a smash-hit album. Thankfully Cam followed her single with an entire album of substance and fun. The bouncy blonde’s looks may have everyone fooled, but this girl sings country music and we love it.

4. Carrie Underwood ‘Storyteller’: Even if ‘Storyteller’ would’ve sucked big time, this album would’ve made my top 10 for the lead single “Smoke Break.” I’ll be honest, this is the first Carrie Underwood song I’ve really loved in a really long time. I felt like this is her sound. This is her story. She gets it. Sometimes I feel like Carrie has whiplash and doesn’t quite know who she is or what she wants to say… “Jesus Take the Wheel” and “Before He Cheats” couldn’t have been more different. Then we entered a time of angst that I couldn’t quite figure out with “Two Black Cadillacs” and “Blown Away.” I feel like ‘Storyteller’ is finally telling Carrie’s stories. And maybe that’s because with a new husband and baby, she finally has something to say.

3 Ashley Monroe ‘The Blade’: Ashley Monroe is an example of songwriting at it’s best. She has always stayed true to herself, her sound and her style.

2. Eric Church ‘Mr. Misunderstood’: Thankfully there’s no misunderstanding Eric Church. He has his own unique sound that always pushes the envelope a bit, yet stays true to himself. However, this album would’ve made the cut for nothing else then the fact it was a complete and total surprise. I mean…who does that? Who can get away with that??? Seriously, how does one keep a secret that big??? The answer. Eric freakin’ Church, that’s who.

1.Chris Stapleton ‘Traveller’: I want to personally thank Chris Stapleton for reviving country music. Thank you for making good ole country music and making it cool again. These youngsters who thought rap and pick-ups was the real deal needed a good slapping. ‘Traveller’ is a vocal and lyrical masterpiece. There’s nothing else to say, but Thank You.

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4 Responses to “CMTT’s Picks for Top 10 Country Albums of 2015”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You guys completely dropped the ball this year.

  2. Kinect56 says:

    I buy about 50 country music CDs a year and have only 2 on this list. Yes they did drop the ball.

  3. David Miller says:

    I have all 10 of the albums, and play music from these and many others, every week, on my radio show, in the UK, Kentucky Jelly. 7pm GMT every Sunday on

  4. Diana says:

    You guys missed See you tonight Scotty McCreery

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