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Luke Bryan Takes Offense at ‘Bro-Country’ Label

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan may be widely known as ‘bro-country,’ but it turns out he’s not overly fond of the term. He spoke with a Cleveland reporter about the phrase he’s become the definition of.

“I feel the initial term ‘bro-country’ was created to be kind of a little degrading to what’s popular, to what country artists are doing right now,” said Luke. “It’s frustrating because whichever artists may or may not get labeled as that, they’re well beyond that,” he said. “For people to call me the father of it, well, whatever. It just seems like a term that was invented to cheapen me as an artist.”

I feel like it’s not the phrase that cheapens the artist. I feel like the artist cheapens the music by moving away from substance to fit into a niche that is “popular.” We know many of the guys fitting in the “bro-country” stigma are better than the music they’re currently putting out. I’m just glad to see a few songs on Luke Bryan’s new album, Kill the Lights, that resemble the Luke who drove-up from Georgia.

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3 Responses to “Luke Bryan Takes Offense at ‘Bro-Country’ Label”

  1. Greg says:

    Luke is a great artist that can sing all types of country music. He appeals to the younger fan and the older fan like myself. I wish people would stop picking on him. Look at someone else like at Colt Ford. Now his music is the all time worse so called country music I have ever heard.

  2. Olivia says:

    Then maybe he should stop releasing it.

  3. Heather says:

    First of all we like Luke and think he is probably a nice MAN. Our problem is that he IS a man and we are young college students and it is creepy to hear and watch a 30-40 year old man singing about girls and partying on the beach, etc.. It makes him look like a pervert. Another thing that has us upset is that we do not like to be exploited in songs about shorts, our butts, shakin it, etc.. We do have some intelligence and resent the thought in song that we are all about showing off our bodies, drinking and flirting with guys (as if that is the only way to get a guy)(Actually, we want a guy that respects us and likes the fact that we are intelligent and have more on our minds than partying—although we like to party occasionally).
    Some of the young girls like that kind of songs and references to them but we do not like it at all and we have talked with a LOT of other female students that resent it to the max.

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