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Miranda Lambert Pays Tribute to Loretta Lynn with Ironic “Rated X” Performance

miranda lambert & Loretta Lynn

On Tuesday night, Miranda Lambert paid tribute to her friend and mentor, Loretta Lynn at the ACM Honors with a performance of Loretta’s hit “Rated X.” I think Miranda was going for irony, but all we felt in the audience was awkward.

Well if you’ve been a married woman and things didn’t seem to work out
Divorce is the key to bein’ loose and free so you’re gonna be talked about
Everybody knows that you’ve loved once so they think you’ll love again
You can’t have a male friend when you’re a has been of a woman you’re rated X

“Thank you Miss Loretta for that song, and for being so brave and paving the way for me to be up here and sing a song like that. She sang songs that were not necessarily appropriate to sing at times, like this for me,” said Miranda after her performance. “I’m so thankful for women empowerment”

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5 Responses to “Miranda Lambert Pays Tribute to Loretta Lynn with Ironic “Rated X” Performance”

  1. Lanie says:

    Why did you feel awkward? Sounds like not everyone felt that way from the video. It was a direct shot at the media/people judging her just like back in the day when this song was originally released. Maybe it felt that way b/c YOU are one of the judgey people? Seems like that song was perfect one from her. Also shows how well Loretta’s songs hold up. Miranda looked and sounded great!

  2. Heather says:

    Well, I agree with Tawny that it was definitely a strange choice of song (whether Miranda chose it or someone else chose it for her). Actually, I do not think the song was appropriate for her to sing at all as it was Blake who filed for divorce and told her to get out and get her animals out ASAP. I find it hard to believe that Miranda, knowing how mouthy and how she mouths off) would allow Blake to file first if she were innocent in cheating. We heard rumors (from a girl’s relative that lives and works at one of the record co’s in Nashville) that Miranda had been cheating on Blake for awhile and he was livid when he found out. Quite frankly, we did not think their marriage would last long anyhow. They were cheating (Blake was still married to Kat) when they started having an affair and that is really shaky ground to begin a marriage on. I really do not care who cheated on whom and am not a fan of either but I have to say that Blake has gained a little of my respect for not blasting Miranda’s name and all the dirt all over the place. Miranda should stop acting like the victim and keep her mouth shut and the comments to herself (I think she would be better off and all this will fade away).

  3. Olivia says:

    Heather, guess you believe everything in the gossip magazines. Do you really think that Blake was innocent the whole marriage? OK. Sources from so and so and Blake’s PR Team has done a great job spreading half truths and flat out lies those first few days about her. It got so bad that articles started coming out saying Blake’s PR Team wants you to know it wasn’t his fault, so they stopped. If you agree to have a private divorce and not speak about it but before the ink dries NBC/BS team sends people to every NBC owned entertainment show to make quotes (E, Access Hollywood, ET and TMZ (which is owned by Warner Bros. his record label) my respect level for you goes down. I don’t care what happened, not my business. I love the music. I think Miranda sang the songs great and it was actually a perfect song talking about the way some judge women after divorce.

  4. Heather says:

    Olivia, I am a college student and I do NOT waste my money on gossip papers and take the articles on the gossip sites with a grain of salt. One of the girls in our Sorority has a relative that lives and works in Nashville and that is where we obtained our information. We TRUST what he says as the things he has told us has been true in the past. You are entitled to your opinion and we will certainly believe what we are being told by a trustworthy person. Personally, I do not care about who cheated on whom as I am not a fan of either of them at all. I will, however, state again the Blake has garnered some iota of respect for not saying anything about Miranda. They were cheaters when they met and it is not a surprise to learn there was cheating that broke up their marriage.

  5. Hillarie says:

    Heather does the relative work for Blake’s record company? Seems his team is the one spreading the stories. Also a friend’s relative sounds like a great source. Lol! Curious that one keeps coming back to make updates. I’m guessing someone is a Blake fan. I don’t care for Blake. I have seen him in action in LA and wasn’t surprised that they broke up from that alone. So if they were each cheating so be it. The point of this post was talking about the song she sang at the ACM Honors, which talks about treatment after divorce from the public- sounds right up her alley.

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