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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Divorce Rumors are Rubbish

Keith and Nicole

First Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are getting a divorce, and now the tabloids claim the next big split is Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman!

Star Magazine is speculating that the two are about to face a very expensive divorce. An alleged insider says their busy schedules and time apart are creating “tension” in the relationship.

The article claims that Keith likes to flirt with other women, including his fellow American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez.  The article continued to make claims from a “close source” that Nicole is fuming mad and that their sex life has waned over the years.

via Star Magazine:

“Nic is fuming, because she thought they were going to spend pretty much the rest of the year together, at their homes in Sydney and Nashville,” this source alleges, adding also that ”Keith and Nicole’s sex life has waned over the years. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hadn’t had sex in years!”

RumorFix reached out to a rep for Nicole who told them the story is “absolute rubbish!”

Our take on all of this is that Blake and Miranda and Keith and Nicole are just the subjects of another ridiculous tabloid rumor.



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5 Responses to “Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Divorce Rumors are Rubbish”

  1. Gloria says:

    How does these rag magazines get away with the lies they publish? Keith and Nicole and Blake and Miranda seem very happy and I wish them the best!

  2. I love my 2 couples and if it’s any thing like real life there are always rumors… I just wish people would let them try it on their own….

  3. Irene says:

    America is a suing country, and this article would be reason to sue. When people’s names are pulled through the mud, as the Urbans and Sheltons, they should sue the sorry butts of those rag magazines. Such a shame for the immediate and extended families.

  4. Urban Monkey says:

    Sue the crap out of Star and donate the money to a worthy cause!

  5. Andrew Bolduc says:

    I got a idea for you guys. Don’t ever buy any of these magazines and if you see people buying these yellow rags stop them. Tell your grocer that these magazines are offensive to you, and that you have grown exasperated at explaining to your young children the situations depicted of on their covers. Tell all the stores that display these mags that you want them removed from a view where they are in your face where you stand waiting. “Why can’t you just sell them over there by the stale donuts?” Is a phrase I have used in the past. Of course I am considered a crack-pot not that a smoke either but because occasionally my mouth runneth over. Lucky for me my wife is just as hostile and outspoken as I am, one of the many reasons that like the Urban’s and the Sheltons we are planing to stay together until death just as We vowed at our wedding.

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