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Joe Nichols Taking a New Directions with “Sunny and 75″

joe nichols

Joe Nichols just celebrated his current single, “Sunny and 75″ hitting the top spot on country charts. Written by Michael Dulaney, Jason Sellers and Paul Jenkins, ”Sunny” is the lead single from Nichols’ brand-new album Crickets. Joe tells that this song is the beginning of a new direction for him.

The energy is the first thing that struck me about ‘Sunny and 75,’” Nichols told “The song slowly builds into this screaming, almost like a Journey ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ kind of tempo. So that to me is important, because the music itself brings out emotions, not just the lyrics or how you deliver them. The music builds, and it takes you on a journey. You feel like you’re slowly and steadily moving out to the beach, and all the sudden you’re sprinting.”

“Sunny” is “a couple steps away from from anything I’ve done,” in terms of production and vocals, said Nichols. “I’ve always been more of a traditional guy, but with this album we wanted to go different, we wanted to go bigger. We wanted to keep that traditional integrity, but bring it into 2013, make it a brand new sound” — to take what he calls his “traditional core” and then “expand it.” And that, he says, is exactly what “Sunny and 75″ accomplishes.

“Sunny and 75″ is just the beginning of the ‘new road’ Joe is traveling down. He has a feeling that his next single, “Yeah” is going to be a special song for him.

Who loves Joe Nichols’ new music??

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One Response to “Joe Nichols Taking a New Directions with “Sunny and 75″”

  1. Lauren Denemark says:

    I’m thrilled that “Sunny and 75″ was received so well by fans and country radio. I can’t wait for “Yeah” to be released. I love that song!

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