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Billy Currington ‘We Are Tonight’ – Album Review

Billy Currington

Billy Currington

Try as hard as I might, while listening to Billy Currington’s fifth studio album We Are Tonight, I couldn’t get one thought out of my head: Currington has been spending too much time with Kenny Chesney.

Currington’s latest effort will perhaps appeal to his most ardent fans, but after showing the ability to record brilliant songs like “Must Be Doing Somethin’ Right” and “People Are Crazy,” maybe my own expectations were too high. The album is exactly as its artwork and titles suggest – a feel-good, relaxed, puff-puff-pass vacation on the beach. In today’s extremely competitive marketplace, Tonight simply falls flat.

The album starts out strong enough, with lead single “Hey Girl.” Admittedly, the song is a bit of a different vibe for Currington. The theme and the banter matches the 40-year-old’s appeal as a single, care-free good boy, and it works for this song. But “Wingman,” in which his pal takes away the girl, is downright idiotic. “One Way Ticket” comes straight from Jimmy Buffett’s yacht, and “We Are Tonight” continues country’s current obsession with one night stands. There’s no flavor, originality, or personality to this album. “Closer Tonight” comes close to the vein of “Doing Something Right,” but the latter is better written and better conceived.

The few highlights here are “Another Day Without You,” an elegant, jazz-flavored song about losing a lover, “Banana Pancakes,” a cover of the Jack Johnson song, and “Hallelujah,” a Warren Brothers’ track that may be Currington’s only saving grace in getting another country radio hit. That’s not to say that the album sounds something other than what today’s radio would play; simply, the songs aren’t worthy of wide-spread airtime.

It’s sad to think that the man who recorded “Don’t,” “Good Directions,” and “Let Me Down Easy” has fallen into a trap of his own making. Currington has so badly type casted himself that the selection of songs available to him have the quality of tide driftwood. Maybe his next studio album will take him back to the good ole days. But for now, it seems this good ole boy is stuck on the beach.

Recommended tracks: “Hey Girl,” “Banana Pancakes”

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8 Responses to “Billy Currington ‘We Are Tonight’ – Album Review”

  1. susette says:

    you are out of your mind!!!!!!!! awesome album

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think you are listening to the wrong album … This is PERFECT!!!!! You’ve gone mad my friend, MAD!

  3. Angie says:

    Completely disagree with this review. Hey Girl, Wingman, We Are Tonight, Another Day Without You, Banana Pancakes and Hallelujah are all amazing songs. If you are familiar with his prior albums you would know he often chooses songs similar in feel good vibe. Might want to go back and listen to his older albums. One major aspect if this album left out of this review is his vocals really shine in this album.

  4. Teresa says:

    I’ve seen a lot of reviews and this the the first one that was negative! This is an amazing CD, maybe one of Billy’s best ones yet. Billy has a formula, and it’s obviously working for him, as it does for Kenny Chesney. I completely disagree with this review, and I think you’ll find once the other songs hit radio, country music fans will agree. Hey Girl, as of today, is at the No. 1 spot.

  5. Debbie H says:

    I know you will read these comments & laugh, but I believe you fit the bill when I quote Billy & say “People are Crazy”!! The first single Hey Girl just hit #1 and I am positive the next single We are Tonight will be #1 too. If you knew anything about Billy, you know he has put nothing but happy feel good songs on this CD & the previous one. He is brilliant in picking just the right mix of songs!

  6. Butterflygal says:

    This is one of Billys best albums yet. I love all of the songs on it. He is had a wonderful mix of all type of rhythms. He has worked with the chest producers. I love singing to all the songs.

  7. Anne E. says:

    This is one of Billy’s best yet. Maybe you need to listen to it again. Run along now and bother somebody else.

  8. ashley says:

    Um, I agree with this review! To everyone who is mad at the reviewer, consider that this is SUPPOSED TO be a country album…what exactly screams country about this music? Not much! I like “hey girl” but the rest of it was forgettable and boring…bring back the OLD Billy Currington, songs like “Good Directions”!

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