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Kenny Rogers Insists All Press Isn’t Good Press

kenny rogers

kenny rogers

Last week, the legendary Kenny Rogers visited The Bobby Bones Show. In addition to discussing his new song with Dolly Parton, “You Can’t Make Old Friends,” the title track of his album, Rogers discussed his friendship with Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, his party years, the current state of music, and his advice for handling fame, which is fitting since it appears some of the stars of the younger generation aren’t really handling it well…right…em…Miley?

“…I look at Lindsay Lohan out there…what happens is, the big fear in this business is not being recognized…look at Miley Cyrus and what she’s doing now. Is it going to work? It’s going to get her some press. In LA, any press is good press. They’re talking about it. Not for me. I don’t need that kind of stuff and I think it’s a sad mistake. And I think people have to be careful. You have to live with it, more so now than ever before. Anything you do now is going to be around forever. It’s just dangerous.”

He’s right. Unlike when we were growing-up, I think some of these young folks don’t realize the magnitude of things being “out there” forever. As in, thank you internet for allowing me to relive my awful choices and poor fashion sense over and over again.

As for Kenny, he realizes that he can’t compete with everyone…just being himself is plenty.

There’s only two ways I can compete. I can do what everybody else is doing and do it better. And I don’t like my chances of doing that. Or I can do something nobody else is doing and you don’t invite comparison…So I’ve always kinda been outside the box cause I can’t do the things Keith Urban does or Taylor Swift or those guys, so I just have to do what I do.”

I think more people need to just stick to what they do in stead of trying to keep up with everyone else. Otherwise we end up with a bunch of the same thing and no variety at all.

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