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Blake Shelton Tells Westboro Baptist “Church” to “Blow Him”

Blake Shelton


Oh boy, Westboro Baptist Church is at it again. About a month ago the so-called “church” picketed Vince Gill’s concert in California citing divorce and adultery as reasoning for his imminent seat in hell, and now they’ve announced a plan to picket Blake Shelton’s concert for pretty much the same reason. Apparently Blake’s divorce from first wife Kaynette Williams and subsequent marriage to Miranda Lambert makes him “a vulgar adulterer,” and ultimately blaming him for gay marriage.

@WBCSays: Westboro Baptist Church’s “Voice” will be heard! We have gospel preaching for ya — shush & read up @BlakeShelton! >>

@WBCSays: Truly, @BlakeShelton & @MirandaLambert are WORSE than fags b/c they provide a cloak for fag sin & are worthy of death

Unfortunately for Westboro, I think they’ve picked on the wrong kid in the school yard, cuz Blake Shelton doesn’t “take no…um…lip.”

@BlakeShelton: “@WBCSays: “A great response to Bible Words, BS! #not #StillPicketingYou” Please!! I beg you!! Not a picket!! Have mercy on me!! #dipshit

@BlakeShelton: I got one more sin for ya…Blow me.”

‏@blakeshelton Hey @WBCSays.. This isn’t about God. It’s about me using this opportunity to make y’all look like the absolute complete dipshits you are.

@blakeshelton Also @WBCSays… Y’all may want to keep an eye on ur women at my show.. I’ve got a few band and crew guys that’ll be smacking that holy ass!

@blakeshelton Ok that’s it… I win. Spiking the ball. Circling the track. Crowd surfing. It’s over. Good game. Good game. Good game. See ya!!!


@blakeshelton Hey @WBCSays… How’d you get Napoleon Dynamite to picket for you?!! That’s awesome!!

‏@blakeshelton Ba! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe over that one!!!!

Now Westboro is pretty famous for not showing-up everywhere they threaten to, but I sincerely hope they do decide to picket Blake Shelton’s October 3rd “Ten Times Crazier” tour stop. I can only imagine the entertainment value in Blake’s reaction. While Westboro just spouts off bits and pieces of the Bible in hopes of proving a point, I have no doubt Blake will make it worth all of our while with his reaction and response.

God is Love! May He have mercy on the souls who’ve decided to take His job into their hands and judge…Miranda only had one thing to say, and I think she pretty much summed it up.

It’s such a shame when people use God as an excuse to get publicity. And they couldn’t be farther from God.. I’m glad I know my maker so well

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2 Responses to “Blake Shelton Tells Westboro Baptist “Church” to “Blow Him””

  1. Can’t think of a thing to say as Blake has already said it. Maybe Bklae could write a song about WBC, it probley would go #1. Thank you

  2. toni hammet says:

    the wbbc thrives on the media. they accomplish the fact that if they say they are going to protest and get what they want,they don’t have to protest .like a vampire who needs blood . please don’t let them achieve their goals.

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