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Admit it, Zac Brown Has a Point…Country Ain’t Country No More!

Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band

Thanks to Zac Brown and Gary Allan, the country music debate is in full swing on our Facebook page. Both Zac and Gary shared their dismay over the current state of country music. It’s certainly changed from the days of Buck Owens and Loretta Lynn… and even from Alabama and Tanya Tucker. Today’s “country” music is definitely not something our grandparents would listen too.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions…after all, everyone’s got one. However, some of the opinions really bring to light the difference in country fans and fans who say they like country music. This particular comment I found a tad shocking….

Zach Brown’s comments make me want to throw up. Traditional country music is appalling; there is positive life in country music today. My advice to Zach Brown is take off the stupid hat, get a shave, and keep your mouth shut and just sing!!!!!

Um…case in point. The above comment was obviously from someone who enjoy’s “country music”… as in Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and anything else that’s “Popular.” But just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it’s good.

To truly be a country fan…You have to at least have respect for where the genre came from. Have you ever been to the Opry? Have you ever tapped your toes to “Mountain Music,” “Shake the Sugar Tree,” or went “Walkin’ After Midnight?” Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a “Coal Miner’s Daughter”? Were you “Country when Country Wasn’t Cool”?

Is that too far back for you??

What about thanked God for “Unanswered Prayers”? Driven a “Mercury”(that used to be a popular brand of car like Ford)or read a personal “Wanted” ad (that’s in a newspaper…that black and white thing at the end of some people’s driveways on Sunday)? Do you know who “Fancy” is?

That appalling music paved the way for folks like Luke Bryan to have the chance to shake his ass on stage. Those people were on the radio when Carrie Underwood grew-up and dreamed of being a singer. Those folks are still being played on the radio today. Those folks are legends. Those folks “Walked the line” and stood in a “Ring of Fire” to have their stories heard….That’s great country music…stories…feelings…depth…meaning.

I think that was the point Zac and Gary were trying to make. They weren’t doggin’ on the artists of today…they were doggin’ on the songs people are choosing to put out, and frankly their’ probably doggin’ a little bit on the fans who find the current fad to be “good” music.

The fact is…there’s a reason why George Strait has had 60 no. 1 songs…There’s a reason why Alan Jackson is still selling albums and selling out tours. They’ve always managed to tell a story. I’m not saying all music has to be Debbie Downer tunes… but a song can be catchy and good…with a point.

Guys like George and Alan are still around because they’ve always released songs that they want to perform for the rest of their lives…Sure, Luke may enjoy singin’ “That’s My Kind of Night” and shakin’ his thing now, but do you think he wants to be doing that in 20 years?? Do you really wanna hear or see him do it in 20 years? I know I don’t, and I thoroughly enjoy watching it now.  I can’t imagine Florida Georgia Line running all over stage singing “Cruise” when they’re in their 50’s, and will Nelly even be around?  Taylor Swift will probably not be as effective singing about young angsty romance “Trouble”, and  I’m sure Carrie Underwood will retire her Louisville Slugger.

I’m also not saying there isn’t a place in country music for the current rap/country/pop trend… But it certainly shouldn’t be the only thing out there. Sometimes a song holds a special place in an artists’ back pocket that they only sing at concerts. Sometimes it’ doesn’t have to be a single. When a song is released as a single…it’s out there forever…

Vince Gill says you should never stop singin’ what got you there…Well, some of the songs on the radio, I surly hope these artists aren’t still singing when they’re 60. I hope they widen their scope so that they still have something to sing when they are, otherwise I’m afraid they’re lookin’ at some awful short-lived careers.

Just because something sells, doesn’t mean we have to eat it for every meal… There’s something to be said when newcomers like Charlie Worsham and Brett Eldredge are keeping country music alive and well more so than the artists who are selling millions of copies.

I think Zac and Gary just wanna get back to real music…real stories…about real life…about real people…made with real instruments… We aren’t all jobless college kids with nothin’ but time on our hands who crack a beer and dance on tailgates ever evening.   We aren’t all “Red..Red..Red…Red… Red Necks” and  we all don’t have a “Truck Yeah!”

I love Luke Bryan! I Love Taylor Swift! I Love Carrie Underwood! I Love Blake Shelton!  But I also LOVE and MISS the twang of old school country and totally wouldn’t mind if we heard a little bit more of the influence it had on today’s artists in the songs they release.



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5 Responses to “Admit it, Zac Brown Has a Point…Country Ain’t Country No More!”

  1. Nancy W. says:

    Good article. It is nice to see someone with an open mind commenting on the topic. There is nothing wrong with old school country music nor with trying to improve on the genre and letting the artists of today make their mark. As you said, everyone has a right to their opinion. Not everyone will agree, but most people don’t like change…at least initially. Zac Brown was asked a question and answered it truthfully from his heart . Whether anyone agrees with his feelings or not is their prerogative; aka their opinion. You have to give the man props for speaking his mind honestly. I am sure there are artists out there that may feel the same about his music or a song of his and that is okay. Not everyone has the same taste. It is a shame some members of the media have tried to make it into a personal attack and sensationalize on the interview. The comments were huge for the industry, but the intent was not a personal attack as it has been made out to be in many pages and articles. You can agree with the comments or not. There is no need for the drama, but as we all know each artist has his or her die hard fans that will defend their artist with full emotion. As the day moves on I am sure some will comment in that vein here, but before they do hopefully they will have at least listened to the interview for themselves. Love it or leave it.

  2. ashley says:

    Thank you for this article! Very well put. The people who take offense to Zac Brown’s comments are those who are afraid that others will realize that he is right and country won’t be as mainstream and popular as it is right now. But the fact of the matter is, to really love and respect something, you need to know it’s roots! Don’t say you love country music if you aren’t a fan of George Strait, Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson!!

  3. Staziak says:

    “Murder was committed, down on music row”. And “Who’s going to fill their shoes?”
    I can not understand a single word that the new singers sing. Country is a story and a steel guitar.

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