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NASH FM’s “America’s Morning Show” Launch Party



New York City, the greatest city in the world –so great in fact, one might wonder what could possibly make it any better. If you’re a true New Yorker, you know this great city has been lacking something for the last 17 years –a country music radio station! Yes, New Yorkers love their country music, despite their city slicker, rough around the edges, appearance. Thanks to NASH FM 94.7, New Yorkers can once again break out their cowboy boots, old cutoffs, and rowdy attitudes.

To show how excited they are to bring country music back to the Big Apple, Nash FM recently celebrated their new morning show, “America’s Morning Show,” with a launch party in midtown. On July 18th, The Cutting Room hosted the event for the NASH FM team.

Blair Garner, host of “America’s Morning Show,” reflects on what it’s like to bring country back to New York after such a long absence.

“I would say it’s an extreme sense of pride,” said Garner. “The fact that we are the ones that get to wave the flag for country in New York City, it’s an honor, and to get to do it with your friends, that’s the thing that’s really the keeper.”

Garner’s co-hosts include Terri Clark, Robin Meade, Sunny Sweeney, Chuck Wicks, and Lee Ann Womack. Garner had been friends with each of his co-hosts for many years, but none of them really knew each other. However, Garner knew this group would instantly bond before ever introducing them to one another.

“The first day Terri Clark sat down next to Sunny Sweeney, they decided they were sisters from another mother and it very quickly became apparent that Chuck Wicks is basically the little brother that kind of keeps needling everybody along the way,” said Garner. “We’ve all kind of fallen into our respective roles, and that’s been the biggest reward for me, is seeing that dream come to fruition.”

Aside from becoming an instant family, what makes this group particularly unique is that they are also, with the exception of Garner, all singer-songwriters. No need to hire talent for their launch party, they were the talent!

Garner hosted the evening while his colleagues provided the entertainment. Meade, Wicks, Sweeney, and Clark each took turns singing.

Meade sang songs from her recently released sophomore album, “Count on Me,” including “Here for You” and “Get Up.” Wicks also gave fans a taste of his latest material. He sang his current single, “Salt Life,” off of his newly released EP, “Rough.” Other songs from his performance included “All I Ever Wanted,” and “I Don’t Do Lonely Well,” a song Wicks wrote that can be found on Jason Aldean’s album, “Night Train.”

Sweeney and Clark rounded out the performance. Sweeney sang, “From a Table Away,” “Kiss My Ass,” and “Drink Myself Single.” Clark sang, “I Just Want to Be Mad,” “Better Things to Do,” and fan favorite, “Girls Lie Too.”

Having radio personalities double as the performers country fans love to go out and see on the road, is something truly unique about “America’s Morning Show.”

“What’s really cool about this show is that is does something that no other program can, and that is on weekends, my co-hosts are the ones that are out touring, and they are there in the flesh meeting our country core line group face-to-face, hand-to-hand, day after day, night after night and to bring these stories on the road, or to the people who listen in New York, there’s no other program that can afford their listeners that opportunity,” said Garner.

Sit in a room for five minutes with Garner, Clark, Meade, Sweeney, and Wicks, and you will see just how great a team NASH FM has nabbed themselves. Throughout their launch party, the gang joked with each other, told the crowd stories, and really gave their fans a look into what their mornings are really like each and every day.

“None of us are afraid to be who we are,” said Garner. “None of us are afraid to let those barriers down, and to be self-deprecating, but also to talk about what really matters to us. When we did that [launch] party the other night, I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and talked to me about my kids and that meant the world to me.”

It’s evident by the way Garner speaks about his fans how much they mean to him and to the rest of his co-hosts. Garner feels passionately about connecting with his listeners and the fans of country music. No need to doubt who is responding if you ask Garner a question on Twitter.

“Literally I’ve got on my phone 186 direct messages right now through Twitter and each and every one of those will be answered by me, not some other person because we have that trust,” said Garner. “They believe that I’m there for them, and by golly, I am going to be there for them.”

So what’s in store for “America’s Morning Show?” The hosts and their team are currently in the process of building a studio where they will have an in-studio audience. The location is yet to be announced, but according to Garner, the announcement will be coming soon.

If one thing is for certain, it is that New Yorkers will be lining up out the door and down a city block for a chance to take part in a studio audience with NASH FM’s morning show. After all, New Yorkers love their country music, and never want to see it leave their city again!  Listen on line at:

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One Response to “NASH FM’s “America’s Morning Show” Launch Party”

  1. Gregory says:

    I am a country music fan from New York. I like NashFM but I don’t think they can come close to another country station here in our area Thunder106.3 Their DJ like Party Marty Mitchell and VanDusen are top shelf . Their music selection is a lot better too.Marty Mitchell is a seasoned veteran in the music business. He simply blows away NashFM morning slot.

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