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Templeton Thompson – New and Noteworthy

Templeton Thompson

Templeton Thompson

Current Project: Single ‘When I Get That Pony Rode’. My husband & I wrote this song with our dear & talented friend, M. Jason Greene after I’d read Buck Brannaman’s book, The Faraway Horses. In the book, Buck talks about “the consequences of a fast turn,” we tried to write that as the title but instead the title “When I Get That Pony Rode” showed up. It’s amazing to me how a song will tell you how it wants to be written, I just try to listen, I feel like every song I have the honor of getting to write is a gift. I’m a horse girl, have been all of my life, so there’s of course the literal meaning but this song, for me, is really the story of my career. I’ve been blessed with many successes along the way but there’s always been struggle. I’ve lept many times & not landed on my feet many times but that’s ok though, every struggle, every fall has made me stronger & has been the path to more success.  I like the words ‘resilience’ & ‘grit’, two things I think you gotta have to follow your dreams & to stay the course.

Musical Influences: Some of my favorite artists are Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou harris, John Hiatt, Rodney Crowell, Trisha Yearwood, James Taylor, The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Don Williams, Sheryl Crow, Pink…

Personal Influences: Definitely in the way of having a very big horsey extended family. Horse people are some of the coolest people out there in my opinion…horses & the horse world have really affected my way of performing. Horses have taught me to be big as a performer,  big arenas have taught me to sing to every single person there. I love singing to people, I like doing my best to make the most non intimate big venue an intimate place.

What The Music Sounds Like: Someone recently told me that our music sounded “of the earth,” organic. That made me grin big, I was really flattered by that. My biggest hope is that when someone hears my music, they’ll think I sound like me and that they feel and hear something real, authentic and honest…I guess you could say it’s “hippie chic cowgirl country”.

Why You Should Be Listening: If folks are wanting to hear unfiltered, straight from our hearts to the record without any kind of music business filter from a truly independent artist, then there you go, that’s why…we’re a “Mom ‘n’ Pop” deal, on our own record label, takin’ it straight to the people.

I started making records (writing for other people) and touring about 10 years ago. Even when I was writing full-time and not touring, I always had my sights set on being an artist. Right now, we’re working hard to put some tour dates together. I actually like being on the road and I’m kinda chompin’ at the bit to get back out there. We’ve just started looking at what the next single might be. I want to make a REAL difference with my music, to do my level best to leave this world better than I found it, to do real & good work, to encourage others to pursue their dreams, I feel SO BLESSED to be pursuing mine!

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