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Scotty McCreery Goin’ to Court??

scotty mccreery

scotty mccreery

A lawsuit has been filed in Davidson County Court in Tennessee against country music singer Scotty McCreery. According to The Nashville Post, Scotty’s former manager, Todd Cassetty, is seeking payment for 15% of gross revenues.

“There is no truth to these allegations. I have offered to pay Todd more than once, but he wanted an unreasonable amount for only five months of work. Anyone who knows me knows how I conduct myself, so I am not worried they will believe any of this. This is just an attempt to embarrass me and my family. The facts will come out when we have our day in court,” a spokesman for Scotty said in a statement.

Cassetty is claiming he managed Scotty, however an official was never created.

Celebrities should be required to pay their bills, just like anyone else,” reads the first line of a lawsuit.

Cassetty is seeking money and consequential and punitive damages.

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5 Responses to “Scotty McCreery Goin’ to Court??”

  1. Anonymous says:

    When is he set to go to court? I think this whole thing is silly, as Scotty would not be the type of guy who would do this to someone. He stayed himself since the beginning of the fame and never let it change him, he never got into drugs and stayed true to himself. He wouldn’t rip someone off. Maybe if you get someone who changed through the fame and got into drugs and became untrustworthy then maybe it would be more believable. This whole thing is stupid and Scotty shouldn’t have to even go through any of it, I’m glad he got a new manager who treats him right.

  2. debbie knight says:

    anyone that thinks Scotty is a bad person needs to go to hell he doesn’t do drugs and is true to all leave him alone hes a great guy trying to make it doing what he loves sending prayers

  3. Anonymous says:

    Scumbags will come out of the woodwork Scotty Don’t sweat it!!!!!

  4. Scotty god will be with you in court. God will take care of u. An god will see u come out of court with a big smile on your face. You would never do any person wrong. You are the best. Love u Scotty

    Lynda & Charles R. Jeffery

  5. Carol says:

    Scotty you need not to worry if you did nothing wrong and you got god and family on your side and it will work out at the end good luck

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