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Toby Keith Gives the Scoop on His Upcoming Album and “Drinks After Work”

Toby Keith

Toby Keith

Toby Keith recently chatted with all about his busy summer, upcoming album, and his new single “Drinks After Work.” Toby is currently out on the road headlining the “Hammer Down” tour and the Oklahoma native has also been busily preparing for his Oklahoma Tornado Relief concert that is slated for July 6th.

When asked about the different sound on the song “Drinks After Work” Toby explained it by saying,

“Every once in a while I’ll step out and do something crazy if it’s a great song. In the last 20 years I’ve done that three or four times. I’ve found something that’s way out of the norm, and I would jump out and do it. This just landed in my lap, and I didn’t even know if we would get a good cut on it because it was so different. It just bloomed in the studio, and when we got done they said, ‘You have to pick a single.’ I had a deadline to meet, and I had a few things in front of me that I really liked, and I said, ‘This one sounds like summertime to me, let’s go with this.’”

Toby’s new album is in the in works, but the final details are still not a sealed deal. He mentioned that it should be out around October or November, but that the title of it has not yet been decided. He also spilled a few inside details about the album saying,

“I write all year long, and somewhere around March or April I go into the studio and start cutting. I never really know what I’ve got until I get there. I don’t know if its going to make this album, but I just did a duet with Jimmy Buffet on his album called “Too Drunk To Karaoke.” That’s a crazy party song for him. I wrote a song with Bobby Pinson called “Sailboat For Sale,” and he reciprocated and sang on that one, so I’ll probably let him run his this year and then we’ll probably put mine on the next album. I’ve got a lot of stuff recorded, and then I have a bunch of stuff I have to go and record, and then I’ll pick 10 or 12 out.”

Toby also shared a few songs that he plans on putting on the album and told a bit about the story behind them,

“There’s a song called “Before We Knew They Were Good.” It’s about kids growing up becoming special people in life. I always thought my grandmother raised thoroughbred racehorses. Every one of her babies can run. It was like my grandmother and her five grandchildren are just phenomenal. They’re all very successful. My brother is a big Baptist preacher in Florida. My sister is a great business person, she handles my horse farms and merchandise. Both of my cousins are very highly educated; one’s a DNA scientist and the others in the medical field. My grandmother was really close to me and a real mentor to me. Watching us five kids run around her house when we were little, the whole idea of this song is like that. ‘They were great before we knew they were good.’ You just never know who’s going to grow up to be what.”
“There’s a song on here called “Last Living Cowboy In This Town,” which is more along the stuff that I normally do. Talking about this old man that’s in the modern day and he’s still hanging on to the last century values and fashion, and it’s comical. Other than that, there’s “Drinks After Work” and a couple of ballads that are love ballads.”

Click HERE to see more from the interview including Toby talking about his smash hit “Red Solo Cup.”

For more info on where you can catch Toby on the road head on over to

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