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Krystal Keith Talks New Music and More With CMTT

Krystal Keith

Krystal Keith, daughter of country superstar Toby Keith, has a voice of her own and now country fans can hear it. A Show-Dog Universal recording artist, she recently released her self-titled EP that consists of 4 songs that highlight her powerhouse vocals. One of the songs co-written by Krystal, “Daddy Dance With Me,” holds a special place in her heart. It is genuine and honest song that shows Krystal’s amazing range. The other 3 songs on the EP are a good mix of sass and fun loving lyrics setting the tone for her upcoming album. Krystal recently sat down with CMTT to talk about her new music, working with her dad, song writing and what fans can expect from “Whiskey and Lace.”

CMTT: How does it feel to finally be able to share your voice and your songs with country music fans?
Krystal Keith:  It is pretty amazing. I have gotten a really great reaction from everyone. It is nice to finally get to see people’s excitement, and show everyone what I’ve got.

CMTT: When did you know you wanted to pursue music as a career?
Krystal Keith:  I don’t think I ever didn’t want to pursue it as a career. I was always a performer. When I was 3 I threw a fit to get on stage with my dad at a local show. My mom kept telling me daddy is working! Finally, at a break, he pulled me up on stage with him and I got up there and was so excited to see all the people. I think that was the first time they realized I really wanted to be on stage. I was always the performer; always the ham and my sister still jokes that I used to sing at the top of my lungs before I even knew how to sing.

CMTT:  Your parents really wanted you to go to college before you started your career and you did that. Are you glad you have your degree under your belt?
Krystal Keith:  I am really glad that I have it. It is one of those things that as you look back when you get older you realize your parents really did know what they were doing. They didn’t want me to give the opportunity up. On top of that my dad really wanted me to age a little bit, and get some experience under my belt in the adult world. He didn’t want me to go into the harsh entertainment industry as a kid.

CMTT:  Your dad co-produced the EP. What advice did he give you and how was it working with him on your first big project?
Krystal Keith:  It was great to work with him. The best advice he has ever given me was right before I went on stage with him to sing “Mockingbird” in 2004 he said ‘Give ‘em hell.’ It was his own way of saying ‘Don’t hold back’. I have carried that with me. Working with him has been great. I am like a girl version of him. We have a lot of the same views of what we are looking for. He had ways of bringing things out of me in the studio. If I had to work with any other producer I would have tightened up and been a bit more nervous, but I knew my dad had my back.

CMTT: How did you choose the songs on your new EP?
Krystal Keith:  We had recorded the whole album already so I had about 10-12 songs to pick from. The “Daddy Dance With Me” song pushed us to release the EP. Then we just went through and looked at what songs had the coolest hooks, and what songs we thought would really catch people’s attention. I wanted to show that not only do I have the balladeer side to me, but I also have the fun side. We just wanted to make sure the songs we chose gave people a good overall idea as to what I do.

CMTT:  Where did you get the idea for “Daddy Dance With Me?”
Krystal Keith:  I started trying to write a father/daughter dance song about 6 months to a year before my wedding. I wanted something that no one else had danced to. I looked through lists of all the popular father/daughter dance songs and finally I thought, ‘You know what, I am a songwriter, why am I even looking at this.’ So I decided to write a song that could be my gift to him. It was done 2 weeks before the wedding and I flew to Nashville and got it recorded. We played it at the wedding and that was the first time he heard it. Everyone said they thought he would cry and I thought ‘Well then you don’t know my dad.’ He didn’t cry, he talked during it and was shocked I pulled it off without him knowing about it. Everyone else at the wedding was crying and my husband asked my dad if he shed a tear and my dad said, ‘No, I almost did, but I am a professional.’ That was his big quote after the whole thing as to why he didn’t cry.

CMTT:  Did you do anymore songwriting on your up coming full length album “Whiskey and Lace?”
Krystal Keith:  I co-wrote the title track, and I also wrote a song called “Get Your Redneck On” with Nathan Chapman. I have 3 cuts on this album.

CMTT:  What should fans expect from “Whiskey and Lace?”
Krystal Keith:  I think now that people have a sampling of what I can do and the sound of my voice I don’t think they will be shocked by anything. I think the only song that will give people something that they haven’t heard from me yet is a song called “Muddy Water.” It is a little bluesy and raspy rockin’ song. That will be a little new for people. Anyone who has been to a live show has heard that one. I think “Get Your Redneck On” will surprise people with its tempo. I hope people are just excited about how many great songs are on the album.

CMTT:  Who did you grow up listening to and who are some of your favorite artists?
Krystal Keith:  My all time, ultimate favorite be all end all, is Patsy Cline. She always has been. I also grew up with K.T. Oslin, Skeeter Davis, Loretta Lynn, and Willie Nelson. Just all the music I grew up with. I am a fan of all the older country music. It gives me a love for a banjo, and steel guitar.

CMTT:  What is the rest of 2013 looking like for you?
Krystal Keith:  We plan on a radio tour sometime this summer. Other than that just putting finishing touches on the upcoming album.

CMTT:  What is something you want country fans to know about you and your music?
Krystal Keith:  I hope people can see how real it is. Every song that I put on the album I have a connection to. Every song means something to me. I hope that comes through to people and touches their life too.

Krystal Keith is definitely a singer and songwriter in her own right. While she may have gained notoriety singing “Mockingbird” with her dad, her new EP shows just how much she has to offer country music. Her new album “Whiskey and Lace” is set to be released later this year.

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Also head on over to iTunes and check out her new EP which is available now!

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