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Country Music Blog Rodeo: For the Love of Country Music


It seems everywhere you look these days country music has got the market cornered. From award shows, to T.V. sitcoms and dramas, to magazine covers, reality shows and more, country music is definitely more popular than ever. For a lot of us hardcore country fans we take pride in the fact that we were country when country wasn’t cool (thanks Barbara Mandrell for that ever so catchy line). We remember the days when listening to country music made you the odd man out, or people made comments about it having too much twang. However, for the most part, a lot of that stigma has changed. Country music is now something many more people embrace. The question is… what has caused the shift? What has made the mainstream media fall in love with country music?

To me the answer is somewhat simple and involves a debate that is often had among country fans. Country music itself has become more mainstream. It is encompassing so many different styles within one genre. This has caused its fan base to grow, thus catching the attention of the mainstream media. Country Weekly recently did a whole spread on the “Blake Shelton Debacle” along with how country music has changed over the decades. In the article they discuss how 2000’s country has such a diverse sound and frankly I couldn’t agree more. We have traditional players like Easton Corbin and Josh Turner, the pop-infused sounds of Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes and bands like Lady Antebellum, and even a bit of rap with Colt Ford. Country Weekly said, “It’s difficult to properly define just what exactly country music is today, especially without offending anyone.” With this said, country music’s rapid growth and popularity makes perfect sense. With a diverse sound there is basically something for everyone.

With more people jumping on the country music bandwagon the mainstream media has perked up their ears. They see that more people than ever have turned their attention to country music and have decided if that’s what people want then they, the media, want to be a part of it. This is why we have seen things like the show “Nashville,” country artists such as Blake Shelton and Keith Urban being included on popular shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice” and ABC bringing us coverage of the CMA fest while also adding in the televised “Country Christmas” special. The media has realized country music is big right now and so they want to capitalize on it.

Is this is a good thing? I say yes! Due to country’s diversity more people have been introduced to the genre. From the get go country music has always been the people’s music. It is real and tells the tale of the lives we all live. This is country’s niche and now more people than ever have been able to experience what country music has to offer. In addition, with mainstream media jumping on the country train us fans get to see the music we love featured more often than in past decades. The great songwriter Harlan Howard once said, “Country music is three chords and the truth.” Right now the truth is the diversity of country music has broadened the demographic of fans and caught the mainstream media’s attention making country music HOTTER than ever!


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  1. Agreed, but I’m still not convinced they’re actually embracing the music rather than just the celebrity status of it.

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