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Tim McGraw Thinks Taylor Swift Is Changing The History of Music

Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw

Maybe it’s because she wrote a song about him, but when we think of Tim McGraw, we always think of Taylor Swift.  Turns out, Tim also thinks about Taylor. In a recent Associated Press interview, Tim discussed his career, singing abroad, and his view on Taylor Swift as a musician.

“She’s great. You know, I’ve been a fan of Taylor so long…” Tim gushes. “She actually toured with Faith and I for our Soul to Soul tour a few years ago.”

As for how Tim feels about Taylor’s enviable career, he couldn’t say anything nicer.

“You know she’s one of those rare artists that come along that there’s only been a handful of throughout the history of music, who creates such a weight behind her, pulls so many people into what her music is about that they discover so many different artists because of what she does. She’s just a really special, special artist.”

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9 Responses to “Tim McGraw Thinks Taylor Swift Is Changing The History of Music”

  1. Gloria says:

    She may be changing it, but not in a good way IMO. She proves you don’t have to sing that well as long as you have all these antics and backup singers on stage with her. She puts on boardway productions instead of real concerts. She’s established in the Country music genre and nothing about her is country. Her mass of fans mostly consist of young children and tweens that really don’t care that she can’t really sing as long as she puts on a show that distracts from her voice. To me her age and charisma have gotten her where she is. It doesn’t take a lot of talent to write about the same subject in every song she writes. I know people that love her (this site for sure)feel they have to put articles up of other established artist defending her and praising her talents, but what else could they say?? Tim’s a great person & artist and would not badmouth anyone. Taylor is cute and probably a sweet person, but me as an older fan of country feel she has kept a lot of other great artist from being in the spotlight & getting their music heard….real country singers.

  2. Laura says:

    Gloria, I am 21 years old and I am a fan of Taylor Swift, and I know others my age, even older who are fans of hers. I have also seen her live and not only is she a great performer, she CAN, in fact, sing. Now, her voice obviously cannot compare to Carrie Underwood’s, but Taylor’s voice is very different. It’s soft, sweet..
    Now you’re comment about Tim Mcgraw, you’re right, he probably wouldn’t bad mouth another artist, but anyone in the industry knows that him and his family are big fans and good friends of Taylor Swift. He has surprised her at her concerts in Nashville, and he specifically had her in mind to sing on the new single “Highway Don’t Care” on his new album. His praise for her is not fake.
    My love for country music goes beyond any other genre, but I still support and enjoy Taylor’s music, though she has drifted away from country. And yes, at one point, she WAS very much country (check out her debut CD.) But she has always said country music will always be her home, no matter what.
    Those who say she has no talent, well, you only sound jealous. Because music critics who named her album “Red” one of the best of the year, would certainly disagree. She writes EVERY single song of hers all on her own. And NO, not all of them are about relationships. The songs that are not about relationships just never become singles. (Breathe, The Outside, The Lucky One, Never Grow Up, Tied Together W A Smile, etc so many more). If her listen to her new CD, given a couple of silly exceptions, the music on there is certainly very well written and lyrically mature (Treacherous, All Too Well, Sad Beautiful Tragic, The Lucky One, etc) . Those who critique her music in the comment sections usually have not heard anything but “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” which was meant to be a silly and not serious song. You can’t bash someone’s music without listening to it, but if you don’t like it that’s completely understandable.
    I just think people need to give her a break, I have never heard a song that I could consider “trashing her exes.” They are mostly about her feelings of a breakup or reminiscing over a past relationship. And this girl has been named the most charitable celebrity of 2012, she deserves no hate. But the public believes everything they read, so they continue to hide behind computer screens and bully her with harsh senseless comments.

  3. Jeanne says:

    She knows he is not the best singer but she is an incredible entertainer and great song writer. I never understood how she would win entertainer of the year until I saw her as a headliner. She does put on a production that is unlike any other concert. Her songs are not only catchy but some are really good stories.

  4. Mike Wilks says:

    She ruined Country music, and he is following in her footsteps by joining Big Machine Records also, and he did it just for the almighty dollar, lost all respect for Tim….
    Taylor Swift can not sing, if it weren’t for the magic of AutoTune she’d be a nothing!! And I for one am sick of the redundant songs about her bedroom life. Why does she think the world want’s to know about who has been in her nasty bed??
    She needs to go to Pop and leave Country music alone!!

  5. Mike Wilks says:

    Laura, I beg to differ with you, i saw Taylor 2 years ago. and let me tell you that was the WORST experience of my life and biggest waste of money!!
    It was nothing but an annoying bunch of screaming children, coupled with distractive set and prop changes, costume changes. Sorry but she can not carry a tune, nope NOT AT ALL.. Between the screaming kids and annoying set changes and horrible sound being omitted from her mouth live, me and my friends got up and left, i suffered a migrane headache brought on by all the crap.
    Sorry but when i go to a “Concert” i want to see a concert. and when i go see a musical “Production” i want to see a production like Les Miserable’s, not some asthamathic sounding cat screaching out unrecognizeable words of hate or whinning about some guy that dumped her.. that routine has gotten so old..
    Swift is not what i would consider a singer, she may be a showgirl for the little kids, but that’s about it. And i refuse to let my kids listen to her hateful and sex induced out of tune music.. Most definately NOT a Role Model in my eyes!! Swift, Take your musical porn fodder to Pop, it’s not wanted in Country Music!!!

  6. Laura says:

    Mike, your comment is absolutely ridiculous.
    And you don’t want your children to listen to her music because its hateful? Then YOU must have not listened to it! For someone who is against hate, you sure are preaching it on this website. Ha! And Taylor Swift teaches younger girls to never settle for anything less than a man that will treat them right! God, you haters don’t know anything about this girl, and if you really look at it, I guess I don’t either, NO ONE DOES. Before you pass judgment hey, make sure your hands are clean.
    By the way, NO ONE in the country industry really considers her country anymore, but they still respect her talent and she is exposing upcoming country artists by taking them out on tour. So you can keep preaching your hate of her still being brought up in the country industry, but obviously it’s because the industry still embraces her. So GET OVER IT!

  7. Mike Wilks says:

    Yes Laura, her music is full of hate. In her hateful song Picture To Burn she calls out a young boy as “gay” just because he no longer wants to date her. It caused the song to be banned, so she tries to reword the lyrics, To late damage was done, still to this day no radio station will play either version.
    In her next hater nasty song Better Than Revenge, she refers to another girl as a “tramp/slut”. Then in her hate filled song Mean, she refers to anyone that doesn’t like her as being “Pathetic”, “Losers”, “No Life’s” and “Mean”.
    Then the rest of her songs are about the many men that have been in and out of her bedroom. With the exception of a few songs…
    She is nasty, she is hateful, she is a con artist. There is no talent in writing songs about your bedroom romps.. Just NASTY!!! NASTY NASTY!!!!!

  8. Gloria says:

    Laura, I never ever (no pun intended)said I hated Taylor and I for sure have no reason to be jealous of her. I’ve even been to one her concerts and did not enjoy it at all. I have to agree with Mike on that. Too many screaming, noisy young people there. My granddaughter listens to her music at times. I have a right to give my opinion and just because I don’t agree with you about Taylor doesn’t mean I’m a hater and jealous. You are still a young fan and I’m sure she sings what you enjoy, but there is just nothing about her that I enjoy. I don’t care what the critics say about her albums. I’m my own critic and decide what I want to listen to and have my own opinion of whom I think can actually sing and as you stated she’s not the best. I just don’t get any realness or any spontaneity in her performances. All rehearsed and choreographed. I just do not agree with what Tim implied that she is changing the history of music. I just don’t see it. She is just a turn off to me in her music and actions. Sort of like she’s play acting instead of really performing. JMO!

  9. Kate says:

    Nothing about Taylor Swift is country. She is a pop star. Not sure why she is categorized as country music. I know there is pop country, but this girls is just straight up pop. Nothing country about her at all.

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