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Ashley Monroe’s “Like A Rose” Is Country to the Core

Ashley Monroe

If you have been looking for a traditional sounding country album, look no further. Ashley Monroe’s much-anticipated album “Like A Rose” is being released today, March 5th.  Co-produced by hall of famer and award winning singer Vince Gill, “Like A Rose” is a standout album in a sea of new releases. The songs, the instrumentation, and Ashley’s classic country tone bring something to the table that many country fans have been craving.

Best known for being a part of the “Pistol Annies” with Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley, “Like A Rose” is Ashley’s first solo project since her album “Satisfied.” On the latest project Ashley’s brilliant talent is beyond apparent.  With a sound reminiscent to classic voices such as Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn, Ashley brings passion and emotion to every song. The album features 9 tracks all co-written by the singer, and the songs tackle the reality and truth about life.

The title track, “Like A Rose,” is a beautiful song about life’s experiences making us who we are today. The honesty in Ashley’s voice shines as she sings, “It took awhile to get here, it’s been a long hard road and I came out like a rose.” One of my favorites on the album is the fiddle driven boot tapping “Monroe Suede” which describes a young girl on the run. With its traditional country sound and great lyrics, this song is country to the core.  The song “Two Weeks Late” has a Honky-tonk attitude with the story and harsh reality of finding yourself unmarried and pregnant, while “You Got Me,” gives you goose bumps with it’s haunting sound.

While some of the songs possess a heavy subject matter, Ashley is certain to lighten the mood with her duet with Blake Shelton. “You Ain’t Dolly, (And You Ain’t Porter)” is a humorous and catchy song with lines like, “Because you ain’t Dolly, and you ain’t Porter, she’s a little bit fuller, yeah, but you’re a whole lot shorter, lets drink all night and fill the jukebox full of quarters because you ain’t dolly and you ain’t Porter.” The song is full of playfulness and tongue and cheek humor.

This album is definitely something special. Vince Gill told CMT about how he came to work with Ashley on this project and how he believed a real country sounding record was who she was at her core. He said,

“She always struck me as having that kind of quiver in her voice that was as honest and as real as Dolly Parton’s voice. I said, ‘Man, you’ve gotta just get everything out of the way and let that voice and those songs tell these stories.’ Because her songs are so stinkin’ good.”

I think Ashley has done just that on “Like A Rose.” The album is honest, real, and feels more true to country’s roots than any album has in a long time. Hopefully this album will garner Ashley the attention she deserves as a solo artist. I would most certainly recommend giving this album a listen, as it has quickly become a favorite of mine!

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“Like A Rose” is available today! Make sure you let us know your thoughts on the album! Leave us a comment!

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One Response to “Ashley Monroe’s “Like A Rose” Is Country to the Core”

  1. Anna Leighton says:

    Hi Krissie ,Great review . Love that song .Thanks much for keeping us informed .

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