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American Idol’s Jimmy Smith: “Stay Right Here” Album Review

Jimmy Smith

As a contestant on American Idol, Jimmy Smith made it to the Top 40, but unfortunately that’s where his journey fell short.  From his first audition, I saw a lot of country potential in the hopeful.  When his time on the show ended, I managed to get my hands on a copy of his pre-Idol CD that is even better than some of past contestants’ albums.  CMTT is giving you an inside look at Jimmy with this review and then look for an exclusive interview right here within the next few days!

Jimmy graduated from Belmont University in 2010 with a degree in social work and began working at a Dialysis Center outside of Nashville.  The country music hopeful would follow his busy days with songwriter nights and performances in the city.  By 2011 he decided to record a CD.  To do so, he enlisted the help of some local producers and instrumentalists including Dean Berner who is known as a member of Edens Edge.

The result is Stay Right Here which could be called seven songs of pure music to your ears!  Whether you have just found your soulmate, just broken up with a lover, or recently lost a loved one, this disc is all-inclusive!  All songs are co-written by Jimmy.  The musical journey kicks off with healthy relationship songs including a great up-beat track titled “My Baby” and the feel good road trip song, “Nothing Else I Wanna Do.”  “Drink You Away” is the off-and-on relationship song with lyrics like “Until you come home to stay, I’m going to drink you away.”  To move on in the world, “What If She Loves Me” explores the question of if there is something more in the relationship than you can see.  “Broken” takes a more serious, yet uplifting note with lyrics such as “Although you are Broken, God’s grace will make you strong.”  This song can put life into perspective when you are in a lull.  The final track “More To Me Than You” is the epitome of a bachelor-story.  It’s too late to come back now, Jimmy’s moving on!  Luckily for you, there is a bonus track to the album.  “Goodbye Ain’t Forever” acts as a ballad for the loss of a loved one and is easily one of my favorites from the album.

Here’s a break-down of a few of my favorite tracks:

  • “Nothing Else I Wanna Do” – I had previously described this as a feel-good road trip song and by that I mean this is one of those songs you just hit the road and hit repeat.  “I’m smiling as I’m driving down to you – there’s nothing else I wanna do!”  Everyone needs a little escape after a long week and this song is the tale of the weekend get away.
  • “More To Me Than You” – Everyone has had that moment when they realize their relationship has been drug out way too long and it just isn’t fit anymore.  Well in this song the girl wants the guy back, but he’s “gonna leave this town, hit the ground running.”  Sometime’s you just have to move on with life!
  • “Goodbye Ain’t Forever” – This ballad is backed by piano and strings.  The only thing that kept tears from streaming down my face while listening to this song was a tissue.  Although you may have lost a loved one, they’ll “be waiting until you come home” to spend eternity with them.

Jimmy has said he is already in the studio working on the next album.  If he is able to pull off anything remotely as good as these seven songs, this hopeful won’t need to work in the dialysis clinic anymore!  For hours of listening pleasure, head over to iTunes and search “Jimmy Smith Stay Right Here” or click this link.

Be sure to be on the lookout for our interview with Jimmy on our social networks @CMTT and  While you are there be sure to follow @JimmySmithMusic and like – he’s known to have a giveaway or two, so be on the lookout!

Here’s to a long career ahead for Jimmy,
Scotty B. – @stupidkid2150

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4 Responses to “American Idol’s Jimmy Smith: “Stay Right Here” Album Review”

  1. Kathy says:

    I have his CD on my IPod. Love the songs! Looking forward to following his career. If he doesn’t hit it big as a performer he sure could have a long and successful career as a songwriter.

  2. TinaHudgins says:

    I have his CD and i have his cd on my I phone.Love the cd.Play it over and over.Jimmy is a true artist who love what he does.When he hits a certain note or sings certain songs it sends chills up your spin.he is one artist that you cant wait to see what he will be singing next.Keep them coming Jimmy.

  3. joy fowler says:

    I got his cd when he first started selling them. I use to go hear him when my son played the lead guitar for the Bravadoes at jeanettes in waynesboro. All the songs are great. And jimmy is an amazing an very talented singer. We always love to see him perform. If you don’t have this cd you should purcgase it. Its worth every penny.

  4. ashtonns says:

    “Goodbye ain’t Forever” is amazing, it brings tears every time. And “what if she loves me” has got to one of my faves.Jimmy has always had an unexplainble way of just understanding whatever emotion you are going through, which is probably why he was pretty much friends with everyone back in high school. And to see him putting so much emotion and time into each of his songs, just makes us even more proud of him. I personally can’t wait to hear more music from him. Whether he makes it big or not, he will always be “Hometown Famous” to us.

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