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Mindy McCready Was Trying to Tell Her Story

Mindy McCready

Mindy McCready‘s untimely death leaves many unanswered questions…most we will never get the answers too. The “Ten Thousand Angels” singer came onto the country scene with an amazing album full of hits before spiraling downward into a spiral of drugs, alcohol, abuse, and trouble with the law. It seems that last year, she was trying to make amends with her past and even possibly reignite a music career. As huge fans of hers, CMTT so badly wanted her to succeed. She began chronicling her trials and tribulations on her fan site, She calls it a book, no one knows whether or not it was ever intended to be published, but it’s now certain that it came to an abrupt ending.

The following is an overview of a future book about my life.

I haven’t had a hit in almost a decade. I’ve spent my fortune, tarnished my public view, and made myself the brunt of punch line after punch line. I’ve been beaten, sued, robbed, arrested, jailed, and evicted. But I’m still here. With a handful of people that I know and trust, a revived determination, and both middle fingers up in the air, I’m ready. I’ve been here before. I’m a fighter. I’m down, but I’ll never be out.

This book is not about shifting blame. I know I’ve made mistakes and I take full responsibility for those mistakes. This book is part diary, part therapy, part confessional, part job, and part apology. But mostly, I just want people to understand me better. So when people like Nancy Grace or the TMZ parasites pass judgment, they can do so with the full story.

Mindy posted excerpts form the book periodically from January 2012 through June of 2012. Mindy covers topics from abuse and drugs…It’s impeccably written, and makes you wonder how someone with such a way with words suddenly couldn’t find solace in life.

I have a king-sized mahogany sleigh bed with a memory foam mattress, 1000 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, and an engulfing down comforter. It’s the type of bed that beckons. Even the sight of it implores you to climb in and stay a week, or two. It’s a masterpiece of slumber. It’s my bed. Yet here I am, lying on my love seat. Delicately placed here like a bloody rag doll by my attacker, my lover, my addiction: Billy McKnight.

I know he’s gone now, left me for dead. Not because I could see him leave since both of my eyes are swollen shut. But because the house is silent beyond the occasional whimper that escapes through my blood-chapped lips, a drastic change from moments ago when the desperate screams and murderous threats were only punctuated by the sounds of my body being thrown against the walls, the washer, the bed, the floor.

This isn’t me. This can’t be happening. Not to me. I’ve come so far, battled so hard to get away from abuse. I’m strong, determined, and smart.

Yet here I am, lying on my love seat. How did I get here?

The truth is that I’ve always been here. The problem is that I never left. The characters and details may have changed but the story is the same. Love coupled with physical abuse. When it hasn’t been there I’ve left and unknowingly looked for the unnatural comfort that unfortunately comes with a push, a grab, a slap.

There are only three brief chapters previewed on the page. And, as we all know…since last June, Mindy’s life hasn’t exactly been on the straight and narrow.

Just days before her death and just weeks after her “soul mate” David Wilson was killed, Mindy’s father described her as distraught.

Sleeps all day,” he reported. “Drinks all night and is taking Rx drugs… “Screams about everything,” he stated. “Trying to hit father. Is not making any sense of any conversations with anyone.”

Her father left her side Sunday morning, but reported she seemed in good spirits. Unfortunately, it seems her heightened spirits were the result of a decision being made about her future…ending her future.

We hope everyone realizes that talent and success are sometimes just masks for pain and destruction. Hopefully Mindy is experiencing the peace she never had.

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3 Responses to “Mindy McCready Was Trying to Tell Her Story”

  1. Gayle says:

    This is so sad…How did her boyfriend die?

  2. TawnyTucker says:

    Mindy found him a few weeks ago, and he was shot to death. They first ruled it a suicide, but it was since being investigated further.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This says her soul mate Billy McKnight was killed weeks before her death. I think his name was David Wilson. Billy McKnight is the father of her oldest child.

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