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Danielle Peck Talks “Impossible Dreams” – A CMTT Exclusive

Danielle Peck

Singer/Songwriter Danielle Peck is no stranger to the music business. She has been in Nashville writing songs, performing and cranking out great songs like “I Don’t,” “Findin’ A Good Man,” and “Isn’t That Everything.” These days Danielle is busy finishing up her 3rd album and sharing her new single “Impossible Dreams” with country fans.  The moving song is one Danielle is very proud of and it inspired her to want to hear other people’s dreams. She recently partnered with the magazine Country Weekly for the “Impossible Dreams” contest where people are invited to share their stories with Danielle. Recently CMTT got the opportunity to sit down and talk with the singer about pursuing her own dreams, the new contest, and what her plans are for 2013.

CMTT:  Tell us a little about the new song “Impossible Dreams.”
Danielle Peck:  The song is the first single off my third record and I am really proud of it because of the message it has. Everyone needs some extra inspiration to motivate them to not give up. Everyone has a dream, and the song gives you motivation to keep fighting for those dreams. I didn’t even write this song, but the moment I heard it I connected to it immediately because I knew that’s the song I need in my own life.

CMTT:  How does the “Impossible Dreams” contest work and how did that idea come about?
Danielle Peck:  The song has two story lines and one day we were just talking about how these two inspirational stories can give people hope and we thought there are so many more inspirational stories out there and we want to hear about them. We will have a winner and that story will be published in Country Weekly, but we know people want to tell their story and people want to hear something good. We hope it inspires other people and it puts good karma out there. People will write in and share their stories and we will pick a top 10 and then the rest will be fan voted. It is a neat concept to go with the song.

CMTT: What are some of your personal inspirations to pursue your own dreams?
Danielle Peck:  Everyone has his or her ups and downs, but I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be a country music singer. When things are hard I remember this isn’t just what I want to do, it is who I am and it is a part of me. My family and friends have had their highs and lows too and I watch them bounce back up and keep going. I think the positive is way bigger than the negative and you have to focus on that.

CMTT:  What is your biggest career dream so far that you have seen come true?
Danielle Peck:  Playing the Grand Ole Opry! My grandpa always listened to it on the radio and when he got to hear me say ‘Hi grandpa’ while I was playing it that was a proud moment for me. I think it is a big dream for a lot of country music performers to sing there. That is country music history. It is a magical stage. As big as the dream is it feels that big when you are on that stage and it is amazing. I am always excited and it never looses its thrill at all.

CMTT:  Are you going to be in Vegas for the ACM awards?
Danielle Peck:  Yep I will be out there for the awards and we will be doing a few different things like giving a sneak peak of the new record I have been working on. My 3rd album is just about finished!

CMTT: What is 2013 looking like for you?
Danielle Peck  2013 is the year of the DREAM for me! I will have a new record out, so I am excited to bring new music to the fans. We will be touring around and getting the new music out there.

CMTT:  What is something you want fans to know about you?
Danielle Peck:  I have a dream that is a big secret to be a comedian…but I could never! Talking scares me too much, so I know better…I should just shut up and sing (she says laughing).

CMTT:  What are some songs you have on repeat right now?
Danielle Peck:  I love all music, all genres, and all decades! When I was growing up I would sing everything! Right now I love the Lumineers, Mumford and Sons…there is such good music out right now, my list is so long I could talk about it all day!

CMTT:  If you could describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?
Danielle Peck:  Loyal, driven, lovin’-life

From just talking with Danielle her laid back and fun-loving personality certainly shines through as well as her immense love and passion for music. Her new album will contain 10 songs and she told us she literally couldn’t wait for everyone to hear them. The “Impossible Dreams” contest with Country Weekly is going on now and entries must be submitted by February 28th! If you enter you have the chance to take home the $500 cash prize and have your inspiring story in an upcoming issue of Country Weekly! Danielle told us she is looking forward to reading all of your entries.

The song “Impossible Dreams” is available now on iTunes and you can head over to for all the latest on Danielle including tour dates, new music and the contest. You can also check out

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