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Brad Paisley Gets Pranked by an 8th Grader

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley recently chatted with The New 103.7, but little did he know he was about to get a taste of his own medicine. As we all know Brad is a big time prankster. He has pranked The Band Perry, Darius Rucker, and even fellow jokester Blake Shelton. On this particular interview with Tanner in the Morning they had an 8th grader on hand to ask Brad some interesting questions.

8th grader Kayla Jayne started out easy enough asking Brad about who taught him to play guitar and he explained to her his grandfather’s influence on his love for guitar. Then after this Kayla went for it and asked Brad how much he made before and after taxes. While Brad was probably caught off guard he went ahead with the answer laughing and saying,

“Thanks for that great question, before taxes I made about $250 million…  after taxes about $35,000.”  

Kayla then went for a bit more subdued question asking Brad about his favorite color which he replied,

“In cars I like blue, in things like guitars and amps… I like bright red.”  

Well, that was it for the easy questions; things then took a hilarious turn. First Kayla asked if he thought Kenny Chesney spend too much time on island drinking rum! Brad didn’t hesitate, his quick wit showed as he quipped,

“I do, I think that he needs to become a productive member of society and quit embezzling all his money into a Cayman island account and going down there and spending money illegally in the British territories down there. I’m just surprised no one has called him out in the middle of one of our campaigns as somebody who has a lot of offshore accounts.”

Just when you thought Kayla didn’t have any more up her sleeve for the “Southern Comfort Zone” singer, she pulled out another hysterical question! She decided to ask Brad Paisley if he thought Carrie Underwood would be willing to adopt her. Brad laughed and took a second to collect his thoughts and then said,

“You are going to do really well in life.  There are a lot of people who are going to give you a lot of respect with your attitude… I’m not one of them but there are a lot of people who will treat you well in your life.”

He also didn’t want to leave out what he thought about Carrie adopting the girl jokingly saying,

“Carrie Underwood, it’s a little known fact, hates children.”

Brad was really a good sport answering Kayla’s questions that Tanner in the Morning “helped” her with! I guess sometimes the prankster becomes the one who gets pranked!  You can hear the whole interview here.

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One Response to “Brad Paisley Gets Pranked by an 8th Grader”

  1. Kayla Jayne Dorsett says:

    Hi guys. So, my name is Kayla Jayne Dorsett and im so happy so many people are enjoying my interview! Im glad so many other people like it! Thanks so much for putting it on your website! It means alot because things like this really dont happen to people like me! Thanks again!

    Kayla Jayne Dorsett(:

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