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Ash Bowers is “Red” — Single Review

Ash Bowers

Ash Bowers has a new single out that will no doubt make you stop and listen. “Red” could quite possibly be the standout song that will get Ash the attention he deserves. While the singer has had other songs, such as “Stuck” and “I Still Believe In That,” they didn’t climb as high on the charts as I am sure he would have liked. Now with this new single charging out of the gates with its fast paced fun lyrics, Ash just might have a hit on his hands.

From the first few notes you will hear how the song shifts its melody letting you know you are headed for a good time. Ash has a perfect twang to his voice that fits this song and makes you feel as if he is singing his personal anthem. “Red” is in reference to redneck and the song is about someone being proud of where they came from.  Ash undeniably seems to connect with the lyrics as he sings,

“It’s in my blood I got it from my daddy/ I’m ‘bout as backwoods as you can get/ I ain’t ashamed that I came from the country/ I’m proud to say that the back of my neck is/ red like the paint on my jacked up Camaro/ red like the clay out muddin’ where we go/yes sir and ma’am/ that’s who I am/ I’m glad I was born and bred red…”

If you have never heard Ash sing I would liken him to a mix between Craig Campbell and Jason Aldean. His voice has some qualities of Craig’s, but he mixes it with a little bit more of a county rock vibe like Jason. However, with that said, Ash has his own unique style and sound that he brings to the table. “Red” is a song I can see radio loving to play and fans loving to hear.

Be sure to check out Ash Bowers single “Red,” which is available now on iTunes!
Want to get to know Ash a bit better? Head on over to

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