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Rose Falcon Talks New Music, Songwriting and More With CMTT

Rose Falcon

New York born, and Nashville raised singer/songwriter Rose Falcon released her  “19th Avenue EP Vol. 2” yesterday (Jan. 29).  The 5 song project is a follow up to her 2012 EP “19th Avenue” and features the single “If Love Had A Heart” which is a tune co-written by Rose. With a voice that makes you feel every note she sings and songwriting skills that shine like a diamond, this EP is a breath of fresh air.  “Take Me To Memphis” which she co-wrote with her father, singer/songwriter Billy Falcon, is a standout song you won’t want to miss! Rose has been in this business a long time, penning songs for others and having her songs placed in TV, movies and commercials.

She sat down to talk with CMTT about her new EP, why country music speaks to her, her writing process and some of her favorite songs and singers. Take a look at what she had to say and get to know Rose Falcon!

CMTT:Your new song “If Love Had A Heart” seems to be becoming a fan favorite. What is it about that song that’s so relatable to people?
Rose Falcon:  I have noticed people have been tweeting the lyrics and that excites me so much. I think it is hard to go through life without ever having a broken heart.

CMTT: Did you write all the songs on “19th Avenue EP Vol. 2?”
Rose Falcon:  I co-wrote all of them and the song “Like Crazy” I wrote by myself.

CMTT: What is your writing process like?
Rose Falcon:  Basically standard writing time for me is about 10:30, or lately more like 11:00. We are usually done by 3:00, but it is different every time. Sometimes I will have an idea, sometimes a co-writer will have an idea, and it is really an exchange of gifts. You may give, or receive, but you have to be open and trust the process and you may end up with something really rewarding at the end of the day. However it doesn’t always work, so when it does it is the best feeling in the world.

CMTT: What is it about country music that makes you know it is such a good fit for you?
Rose Falcon:  Singer/songwriters are not as prevalent in the pop world. I grew up in Nashville and I am a storyteller. It is kind of just how I evolved. I also love country music because I feel like it is the truth and I love to tell the truth, I love honesty in my writing.

CMTT:  Who are some of your biggest influences?
Rose Falcon:  First of course…. my father! Also my publisher and producer have been very instrumental in my career. Musically I love Patty Griffin…I listen to her a lot now. Growing up I listened to a lot of Patty Loveless, Reba McEntire, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette and of course Johnny Cash. I also love the Rolling Stones…I just love a lot of music. Really though I just love songs…individual songs really influence me along with the community of songwriters I get the chance to write with in Nashville.

CMTT: What is the best advice you ever received about pursuing your music career?
Rose Falcon:  The best advice I have ever been given and the advice I give other people is if you want to pursue this you can’t have a plan B. If you do, you will fall back on it. That being said, I have had other jobs…I worked at O’Charley’s and I sold Metabolife, but I never got into another profession.

CMTT: What is one thing that makes your music really unique?
Rose Falcon: I can’t speak for others and about their inspiration, but I know for me…I genuinely care, I sing my music because I write it. I never thought I want to be a star, or I want to be famous. It is just all I am good at is songwriting and then singing along with the songwriting. It all just comes from a really honest place. If I can’t help people with what I do than I don’t think it’s worth a damn and I don’t want to do it.

CMTT: What in your iPod right now?
Rose Falcon: I am the kind of person that listens to the same song over and over again. They are usually old songs, but I will say I love Lee Brice’s “I Drive Your Truck” and Love and Theft’s new song “Runnin’ Out of Air.” Del Amitri’s “Tell Her This” is my favorite song ever. It is a really sweet song.

CMTT: What does 2013 look like for you? What are some of your goals?
Rose Falcon: I am a big goal setter. One of my main goals is to do everything I can to make sure as many people as possible hear “If Love Had A Heart.”  I hope it does really well as a single. I am just going to keep writing. I am really living my dream. I get to do what I love. I think it will be a really good year if I just keep doing what I am doing.

“If Love Had A Heart” is available for download NOW on iTunes!
“19th Avenue EP Vol. 2” will be available January 29th!

For more information on Rose click HERE
You can also follow Rose on twitter @RoseFalcon

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