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Lady Antebellum’s New Single “Downtown” – Song Review

Lady Antebellum "Downtown"

“Downtown,” Lady Antebellum’s first single off their upcoming album, is nothing short of a good time. The funky beat and the sassy lyrics blend together to create this up-tempo pop-country tune. The guitar riff riddled song features Hillary taking the lead vocals and Charles and Dave pitching in for the harmonies. It can be described as Lady A with a twist…it has their signature sound, but certainly kicks things up a notch.

Hillary sounds like she let loose and had fun while recording this song that describes a women who misses the days of her husband/or boyfriend taking her “Downtown” for a night out. She gives the song attitude and style, while Charles and Dave feed off her energy. While I have definitely heard Hillary produce stronger vocals in the past, she gives this particular song what it required, which is personality more than perfect pitch. The lyrics are catchy and will have fans singing along in no time to,

And I don’t know why you don’t take me downtown / Like you got anywhere better to be / Talk it up and give me the go-round-round / Like a good time tease. I’m only counting on your cancellation / When I should be counting on you at my door / Did you forget about, how we ran around / I don’t know why you don’t take me downtown anymore.

Lady Antebellum has definitely had pop infused songs on their past albums, and this song is no exception. However, with that said, “Downtown” is a good song that demonstrates the band is always evolving and wanting to keep their music fresh. I think the song will be embraced by country radio, fans and be a favorite at live shows!

“Downtown” is at radio now so you can call and request it!

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