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Blake Shelton Opens Mouth & Inserts Foot…Again


The blogosphere is a buzz with Blake Shelton backlash. In true Blake fashion, the CMA Entertainer of the Year said what was on his mind without his “Politically Correct” filter in place, and offended some folks. Unfortunately for him, it just so happened to be some country legends and country fans.

During a recent interview on GAC Backstory, Blake said his piece on how country music has evolved over the years.

“If I am “Male Vocalist of the Year” that must mean that I’m one of those people now that gets to decide if it moves forward and if it moves on. Country music has to evolve in order to survive. Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music. And I don’t care how many of these old farts around Nashville going, ‘My God, that ain’t country!’ Well that’s because you don’t buy records anymore, jacka–. The kids do, and they don’t want to buy the music you were buying.”

I get what Blake is trying to say…could he have probably chosen a tad better way to say it?? Sure…but he didn’t, and now the chips are falling where ever they may. Unfortunately, a few crumbs fell on one of Blake’s heroes laps. Mr. Ray Price took to his Facebook to share his thoughts on Blake’s big mouth.

“It’s a shame that I have spend 63 years in this business trying to introduce music to a larger audience and to make it easier for the younger artists who are coming behind me. Every now and then some young artist will record a rock and roll type song , have a hit first time out with kids only. This is why you see stars come with a few hits only and then just fade away believing they are God’s answer to the world. This guy sounds like in his own mind that his head is so large no hat ever made will fit him. Stupidity Reigns Supreme!!!!!!! Ray Price (CHIEF “OLD FART” & JACKA–“) ” P.S. YOU SHOULD BE SO LUCKY AS US OLD-TIMERS. CHECK BACK IN 63 YEARS (THE YEAR 2075) AND LET US KNOW HOW YOUR NAME AND YOUR MUSIC WILL BE REMEMBERED.”

As most things do, this finally made it full circle, and Blake got wind that Ray was offended by the comments he had made, and he took to Twitter to apologize…sorta.

Whoa!!! I heard I offended one of my all time favorite artists Ray Price by my statement “Nobody wants to listen to their grandpas music”..And probably some other things from that same interview on GAC Backstory.. I hate that I upset him.. The truth is my statement was and STILL Is about how we as the new generation of country artists have to keep re-inventing country music to keep it popular. Just EXACTLY…The way Mr. Price did along hid journey as a main stream country artist.. Pushing the boundaries with his records. “For The Goodtimes” is a Perfect example with the introduction of a bigger orchestrated sound in country music.. It was new and awesome!!! I absolutely have no doubt I could have worded it better(as always ha!) and I apologize to Mr. Price and any other heroes of mine that it may offended..I meant every word I said. Country music is my life and it’s future AND past is important to me. I’ll put my Lo e and respect and knowledge About it up against anybody out there… ANYBODY…

Thankfully, at least one “Old Fart” had a sense of humor.  Funny-man Ray Stevens took Blake’s remarks with a grain of salt…

“I just heard Blake Shelton’s remarks about ‘old farts and jackasses’ and all I want to know is how he found out the title to my next single because it’s been a closely guarded secret here at the ‘Home.’ It will be available on vinyl or 8-Track at your nearest Tower Records store.”

I believe Blake was using the word “Old Farts” in a generic terms of endearment…sorta…I mean, Blake is who he his, and he calls himself a hillbilly and dumbass among other things. But his point was still relevant. Artists and the music they make must consistently evolve to stay relevant. It’s not that there’s no longer a place for traditional country, but it’s certainly not on the top of the charts like it use to be.

Its obvious that Blake Shelton is a guy you either love or love to hate. The haters are always gonna hate, and those that love him will do so in spite of his flaws and diarrhea of the mouth. No matter which way you fall, there’s no denying that Blake LOVES country music. He’s been around a long time, and he’s a HUGE fan of the legends that paved the way for guys like him to mosey on through… Blake is just stating a fact that these aren’t the guys who have the job of keeping Country Music relevant. They did their job, now it’s time for guys like Blake to do there’s.

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7 Responses to “Blake Shelton Opens Mouth & Inserts Foot…Again”

  1. Louise says:

    I am a Blake Shelton hater. Good talent, but such a big mouth. I find what comes out to be so irritating. So sick of his continual alcohol related references. He needs to seek some therapy.

  2. christy says:

    i love blake he is not afriad to be himself and put it out there he says what ever he wants and doesnt feed you bs about whl he is or what he thinks

  3. Gary Aud says:

    Everyone is so sensitive these days.
    What happened to Freedom of Speech?
    If you don’t like what he says, don’t support him.
    Personally I think it’s nice that we still have people with the balls to speak their mind.

  4. LC says:

    Trouble is that now that DJ’s can’t play what their local fans want due to Clear Channel taking over all the play lists for their stations, the biggest reason that traditional country isn’t on top of the charts anymore is because *all* the fans aren’t the ones who are allowed to decide anymore. The charts would be a lot different nowadays if corporate radio hadn’t gotten involved. There are a lot of us who would still love to listen to our grandpa’s music — and do, via XM and web radio stations!

  5. Judy says:

    Love Blake!!! His tweets make my day!!! His music is great and he LOVES his fans!!!

  6. Liz Reardon says:

    I understand both sides. It is all in interpretation of words. I think that Blake WILL BE AROUND for a VERY LONG TIME! As will Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney and many others. They have taken country music brought it foward and because of that contry music to reaching new heights and added MANY new fans of the Genre. Changing it up a little and they should it needed to. New artists have drawn many new fans, myself included. If you asked me a year or 2 ago if I woukd ever be a fan of country music…NO WAY. HUGE fan today. Everything in all music genre’s needs to move forward. The 60’s changed the 50’s the 70’s change the 60’s on and on… Country music has to do the same or probably would not draw the fan base it does. SOLD OUT concerts for which I at 55 hope to get tickets to several that are touring this year! Yup at 55! I love todays country artists and have respect for generations of artists before them. I think Blake appreciates and has respect for the artists from the past. He would not feel the way he does about country music if he did not. He knows many facts about country music so that tells me he listend and appreciated the “greats” of their time. How else would that be the Genre he is passionate about. He picked it up eary in his life from country artists of past generations I am guessing. THEIR generation of country was just that their GENERATION. I think he did word it in a way that sounded like he did not appreciate countries early generations. I really do not think he meant it the way it sounded. He did respond to you and tried to explain his justifiable feelings with no apology for those feelings. Good for him and his honesty not back peddling to save his ass. Blake apologized if he insulted you, and his appreciation of you as an early artist. I wonder why Mr. Price you are entitled to your opinion but Blake not his? Mr. Price your come back was insulting to Blake and I am sure Blake and the others artists are not holding your opinion against you. If you really
    re-read what you wrote you may see what I am trying to say. So went both ways. MISINTERPRATAION of words. I am 55 yrs old Mr. Price, I respect your generation of country music and the artists that open doors for country musics artists going forward through the years. Actually because of current artists in country today I went back to listen to early country. I am no kid or young person. Even people at my age, appreciate the traditional but now love country because it has evolved. Country is know for being a “family” of artists and their appreciation and support of each other. That is GREAT!
    I hope that “family includes all generation of country artists. I have a hunch it does.

  7. Lynn says:

    Well Christy, since anybody can say what they want then your nothing but a stupid bit@h. Since I can say whatever I want, it’s to call you names as well. Rethink your entitled mind about what is considered free speech and what constitutes as defamation and insults..

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