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Carrie Underwood’s Exclusive Interview With “Modern Dog” Magazine

Photo Jeff Lipsky/CPI Syndication

Photo Jeff Lipsky/CPI Syndication

Carrie Underwood is known for being an animal lover. Recently she sat down with Modern Dog Magazine for an exclusive interview…and a few precious pictures with her pups Ace and Penny! Carrie shared about her passion for adopting shelter dogs, her time on “American Idol” and about what led her to become a vegan.

Carrie had watched the first 3 seasons of Idol and thought about how cool it would be to do that, but admits she never really thought it could happen to her.

“I always watched the show and was always in admiration of all the people who were really going out and laying it all out there for the world to see. So I was always thinking: ‘Wow, that would be so cool.’ But that’s the kind of stuff that happens to other people—not me. I never really had plans to try out, but when the opportunity presented itself, I just went for it.”

As we all know “American Idol” changed Carrie’s life forever. She is constantly on the road currently starting a new leg of a 55-city tour. She told the magazine that her Rat Terrier Ace and mixed breed dog, Penny would be accompanying her on the tour.

“That’s one of the great things about having small dogs. They’re pretty portable. My husband travels a lot, too, with hockey. So the dogs got really used to being on the road with me and they’ve really become Tour Dogs. Everybody loves them and plays with them and people take them out for walks when I’m on stage. They just kind of make life for all of us on tour better.”

When asked if she would advise people looking to get a pet to adopt Carrie said,

“Definitely. Especially since I do have a shelter and I see the volume of animals that come in. I’m all about shelter dogs. People tell me all the time how cute my dogs are, and they’re shelter dogs.”

It is not just dogs and cats that Carrie loves, she grew up with cows that she would bottle feed leading her to not eat red meat because she decided,

“I can’t eat my friends. So I quit eating red meat and then as I got older, in college, it became less and less and less [meat in general] because I was buying my own food and didn’t have my mom there to get mad at me for not eating what the family was eating. So when I went out on my own, I became vegetarian. And then going vegan came last year.”

Make sure you check out Modern Dog Magazine’s Winter Edition for the full interview with Carrie Underwood.

For more info on Carrie check out and catch her on the Grammys February 10th!

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One Response to “Carrie Underwood’s Exclusive Interview With “Modern Dog” Magazine”

  1. Heather says:

    My family has a shelter dog and we absolutely love him. I would like to bring him to the sorority house but he is not allowed here. I really miss him. Good for Carrie. Seems she has a loving heart and really cares.

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