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Keith Urban Makes “American Idol” Debut

Keith Urban

Last night, Keith Urban made is “American Idol” judging debut. Placed between Mariah “The Diva” Carey and Nicki “Eye Roll” Minaj, Keith played neutral Switzerland in the very awkward first 30 mintutes. In fact, it was hard to concentrate on the singing when all I could do was pity Keith for being placed in such an awkward situation.

The previews for tonight’s episode don’t look much more productive. In fact, during one heated moment Keith declares, “I feel like a scratching post.”

Poor guy.

It’s too early to tell how these guys will actually “judge.” Keith still seems to be finding his nitch and trying to define exactly what he’s looking for. Randy has taken up ‘honesty is the best policy’… Even if it’s brutally honest. Surprisingly, Nicki and Mariah are still trying to spare some feelings.

Hopefully on tonight’s episode, we’ll get blown away by some amazing performance and just maybe we’ll get to really see how these four completely different folks will come together for one common goal of finding the next super star. I am glad they’ve finally thrown a country judge into the mix since the show has spawned more than a few country hopefuls…

What did you think of Keith’s “American Idol” debut?

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3 Responses to “Keith Urban Makes “American Idol” Debut”

  1. Sunshine says:

    Keith’s the only one trying to do his job! The rest, Nicki & Mariah are too busy trying to outdo the other. How childish!! I wish that Keith had been on the show with Jennifer Lopez instead of these 2 wackos. From comments I’ve read on other sites, the majority wishes Nicki would leave! I just hope it gets better, if anything, for Keith’s sake. He’s the only reason I’m tuning in.

  2. Louise says:

    Ditto! I am only watching because of Keith Urban. Have never watched AI before. (Don’t watch any of the other talent shows. I think Blake Shelton is revolting on the Voice; he should be in a bar since alcohol is his thing.) Keith has so much knowledge to share, but I don’t know if Nicki will let him comment. She needs to zip her lip! Hopefully things will get better. Wish it was just Keith and Randy.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I am only watching because of Keith as well. I stopped watching Idol a few years back, but having Keith on the show sparked my interest again. I do have to agree with the other comments. Keith is doing a great job, Mariah and Nicki are just a nusance, they only care about themselves and trying are always trying to outdo each other. Nicki’s voice is hard to take as well. I wish Keith had been on with Jennifer as well or even Ellen would have been perfect, I’m sure he would of had a lot more fun and it would be so much more enjoyable!! I will stick with it because I am a big fan of Keith’s and just to be able to see him each week makes me want to watch!!!

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