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Tim McGraw Takes Time To Reflect On Upcoming Album

tim mcgraw two lanes of freedom

Tim McGraw will release his new album, Two Lanes of Freedom, featuring his current single, “One of Those Nights,” on February 5, 2013, and he says there is a bit of reflection that happens on the new project.

“There was a transition going on in my career when we were recording this album, transition with my band. The way I did things with the management group had a transition going on so I think that all those things sort of make you reflect. They make you reflect on where you’ve been but also it’s hard to sort of figure out where you wanna go until you’ve really looked at where you’ve been.”

Tim says looking back isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary.

“Sometimes as an artist you get so … especially as a musician, you get so busy trying to move forward, trying to make music, trying to be relevant, trying to be important about what you do and trying to really live and love what you do that you forget to sort of reflect on where you’ve been and I think that when you listen to this record, there’s a lot of that reflectiveness in it.”

Click to Listen to Tim McGraw Reflect on Upcoming Album

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