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A Taylor Swift Birthday Surprise Ends with Jail for a Wisconsin Man


Last night, Metro police arrested a Wisconsin man for allegedly trying to break into Taylor Swift‘s Nashville estate. Luckily the singer is currently over seas, so she wasn’t home.

According to WKRN, Jacob Kulke climbed a fence and secured a gate to the house but was stopped by security. He told authorities that he was in touch with the owner of the house through social media and wanted to surprise her for her birthday. Jacob took a bus from Mashfield, WI then a taxi to Nashville.

This sounds a lot like the young “lady” who was arrested for hanging out at Kenny Chesney’s pool in the middle of the night. She too took a bus, claiming she “knew” Kenny.

Does anybody a see a Duck?? Cuz I all here is “Quack…Quack…Quack.”

Incidentally, it does look like Mr. Kulke has a Twitter….and he did wish Taylor a Happy Birthday yesterday.  However, the most disturbing part is that he claims to be a country fan, yet doesn’t follow CMTT…Appalling.

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