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Andy Griggs Talks With CMTT About His New Acoustic Album “Naked”

Andy Griggs

Singer/Songwriter Andy Griggs has a new and unique album out called “Naked.” The fully acoustic project features just Andy and his guitar singing a slew of outstanding country songs. Andy wanted this album to be authentic and intimate and he most certainly achieved that goal. You can hear the passion for the music in his voice as he sings each song on the album.

There are 13 tracks featuring some covers and also some original material. All of the songs are nothing short of incredible. If you like a true country sound Andy’s new album will definitely speak right to your country soul. His cover of Keith Whitley’s “Between an Old Memory and Me” will give you goose bumps and his fun, laid back take on Cash’s old tune “Blue Train”, will have you grinning from ear to ear. The new material also shines with songs like “My Old Friend Cocaine” and “Superman.”

Andy Griggs is an artist whose music speaks to you. He has a heart that beats for these songs and it certainly shows. “Naked” is truly unlike any other album out today and one that you won’t want to miss.

CMTT:  The album is called “Naked” because it is a full acoustic album. What inspired you to do a project like this?
Andy Griggs:  I have always been more into the acoustic side of things, rather than a big production. It is just more me. It Something I enjoy and tend to get a better response to from fans. I wanted to go and do one track, one microphone…not highly produced. I wanted it to be intimate, like I am sitting in your living room. We made it in a studio in Las Vegas and I am just as happy or even happier with this album more than any other album that I have done.

CMTT: How did you pick what songs you wanted on this particular album?
Andy Griggs:  There are at least 500 songs I like to sing with just my acoustic guitar and me, so it is tough to narrow it down to 10-12 songs. The only way to do it for me was to just play exactly what I was feeling at the moment. I could easily make 50 more albums like this one to cover all the songs I enjoy playing. I tried not to think about who wrote what, I just wanted to think…okay…right now…what I am feeling? That was the whole key and the magic.

CMTT:  You have some Waylon Jennings, Keith Whitley, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash songs on the album. What influence do these legends have on your music?
Andy Griggs:  They have all had a huge influence, especially Waylon because he was a dear friend of mine. I never met Keith, but he is one of my favorite singers and I met Johnny Cash once. Keith Whitley’s music weighs hard on everyone’s mind if you are country and bluegrass fan. “I Wonder Do You Think of Me” is one of those songs that I remember where I was when I first heard it. There are certain times when songs just hit you with a baseball bat. Then of course Cash and Waylon they have always been heroes in my life.

CMTT:  Blue Train is a fun song; tell us about recording that one?
Andy Griggs :  It was a mistake actually…just us goofing off. The other recordings were so intense; this one was kind of a breather. We were kind of getting ready to do the Cash song, but not actually going to record it to keep. However when we got finished I went it to listen to it, and I thought that’s it…we have to keep it. I don’t want to go back in and do it the “right way.”

CMTT:  Do you have a favorite song on the new album?
Andy Griggs:  I feel like they are all favorites or I wouldn’t have them on there. I think it depends on where you are at in your mood. Did someone cuss you out? Did someone just tell you they love you? It is all about where you are at in the moment. The one that probably touches my heart and soul the most is my brother’s song at the very end. Mason has been gone awhile, but he left behind some great songs and “Me on His Mind” is one of them. Anything I do of my brothers is extremely special.

CMTT: What is your song writing process?
Andy Griggs:  I am a slow writer and slow thinker. I am not usually a successful writer when I just sit down to write a song. If I sit down and write I want it to be better than just good. I might walk around with an idea for months before I start writing it. Everyone writes differently, but for me it comes from an idea first.

CMTT:  What do you want the fans to know most about this project?
Andy Griggs:  This is me…it is me baring my soul. I think music has gotten away from that. I think music has gotten industrialized. If you got back to Cash, Haggard, Bill Monroe and even Elvis and The Beatles and Rolling Stones all of that is so so soulful. I grieve a little bit for music because it has gotten away from that. This album is me trying to dump more soul into a project than I ever have.

CMTT: What is coming up in 2013 for you?
Andy Griggs:  We will be hitting the road a lot and we will be going in the studio and finishing up a full band project and that will be out in 2013 sometime as well.

“Naked” is available on iTunes NOW!! Check it out!  CLICK HERE: Naked – Andy Griggs
For more info on Andy Griggs head to

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2 Responses to “Andy Griggs Talks With CMTT About His New Acoustic Album “Naked””

  1. Lee Jeddrey says:

    Listen to this CD and then someone tell me why we are not hearing that amazing voice on radio!!!!! Andy Griggs “Naked” is OUTSTANDING song after song!

  2. Griggsgal says:

    Andy took a chance to bring REAL music to us, this was not tweaked by a machine. He has his own unique way of putting a smile on faces!!

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