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Bucky Covington Takes Time Out to Chat With CMTT

Bucky Covington

Former “American Idol” contestant Bucky Covington has been quite busy lately. Besides the September release of his sophomore album “Good Guys,” he has also joined forces with Help the Good Guys and Kidde for the “Be a Hero, Save a Hero” campaign. Bucky took some time out to chat with CMTT about the work he is doing to assist firefighters, his entertaining new video, who he would like to see in the “American Idol” judges chair and plans for his next album!

CMTT:  You are involved with the “Be a Hero, Save a Hero” campaign, can you tell us a little bit about this?
Bucky Covington:
  It is a wonderful program I got involved with about a year ago. I started thinking I wanted an organization to be a part of, something I could really become involved with. So I hooked up with Help the Good Guys and we raise awareness and provide immediate financial relief for firefighters and their families who have been injured on duty. These guys go into a fire and sometimes end up getting hurt, then can’t work and lose their house, cars and everything else. Through that we then also hooked up with Kidde and that became the “Be a Hero, Save a Hero” program. This is a really great program because we have found that most of the time when a firefighter gets injured it’s because someone is stuck in the building. A way people can help make sure they would get out of the building is to check your smoke alarms and put new batteries in your smoke alarms. A 5 dollar battery in a 20 dollar smoke alarm will get you and your family out of the house plus that firefighter you don’t know does not have to go into the house.

CMTT:  Your sophomore album,  “Good Guys” came out September 11th was that release date chosen as a tribute to the 9/11 fallen firefighters?
Bucky Covington:
  Yes it was. In addition we also gave a portion of the proceeds of the first week’s sales to the Help The Good Guys program to raise money for firefighters all over the U.S.A and Canada.

CMTT:  I read you were invited to attend the 2012 Tour of Duty event at Ground Zero on September 11th, what was that like?
Bucky Covington:
  That was breathtaking. I had been to New York, but I had always been busy and not really had the chance to see much. Being there for this was completely awesome, I got to see the Freedom Tower, which every night lights up red, white and blue. It is really just absolutely breathtaking. The coolest thing about it is seeing everyone in New York all come together. You see everybody from all walks of life, all smiling and getting along peacefully. If everyone could get along like I saw in New York we would be on to something.

CMTT:  The new single “Drinking Side of Country” is a duet with Shooter Jennings, the video has been a big hit…. can you tell us a little bit about it?
Bucky Covington:
  It was a song I co-wrote with my twin brother Rocky Covington and I also produced the song. I brought Shooter Jennings in to duet with me because I just love collaborations. I have known Shooter for a while and he is just as real as real can be, what you see is what you get. We shot the video in Kentucky and decided to do a Duke’s of Hazards theme. As soon as we decided on Dukes of Hazards I immediately thought you can’t do it without a Daisy Duke. So I reached out to Kellie Pickler and she joined us on the video to play Daisy Duke, and played it well might I add. Then we also brought it a buddy of mine Cowboy Kenny Bartram the Freestyle Motocrosser, and Mickie James a female impact wrestler to be a part of it. Also just a note, the party scene at the end on the porch, nobody was acting, everybody was hammered! You got a video called “The Drinking Side of Country” so I think everyone just showed up saying “Sure!”

CMTT:  Do you still watch American Idol and what do you think about fellow country Artist Keith Urban taking a seat in the judges chair?
Bucky Covington:
  I catch “American Idol” every so often, it is hard being out on the road and all, but I will try to catch Keith Urban. I am interested to see how he does. I am a huge fan of Keith Urban, I think the guy is SUPER talented. In my personal opinion if you want to get a judge to replace Simon Cowell, I would vote for Judge Judy!

CMTT:  What does the rest of 2012 look like for you and what is coming up in 2013?
Bucky Covington:
  We just released our new album in September, but we still be heading back into the studio to start work on the next one. I have been doing a lot of shopping for songs and writing for the upcoming album. We have our shows coming up so check out the website to see where you can catch us out of the road.

CMTT: Is there anything else you want our readers to know?
Bucky Covington:
  Yes! I also wanted to add that with Hurricane Sandy over 2,000 firefighters up in the northeast have lost their personal homes and they are still out on the job and helping other people. I wanted to try to do something, so me and the other 2 writers on “Drinking Side of Country” have ALL turned over our writer royalties, so if you buy the song all the money goes to help the firefighters up north. We won’t take a penny off of it, so please go check out the song.

For each person who takes the pledge at and shares it through social media, Kidde will make a donation to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and Help The Good Guys, organizations that are dedicated to helping the families of injured and fallen firefighters.

Be sure to check out Bucky Covington’s Album “Good Guys” available now on iTunes!!

For more info on Bucky head on over to

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