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Craig Campbell Chats With CMTT About His Single “Outta My Head,” the Upcoming EP, Musical Inspirations and More

Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell, who has had hit songs with “Family Man” and “Fish,” now has a new single out on radio. “Outta My Head” is the lead single off his soon to be released (December, 4th) EP. The song catches your attention immediately (it even caught Craig’s attention right away as he mentioned in the interview) and showcases Craig’s vocals.

The entire EP, which has 5 tracks, demonstrates Craig’s growth as an artist. Two standout songs on the EP are “That’s Why God Made A Front Porch,” and “When She Grows Up.” Both are great country sounding story songs that were co-written by Craig. The EP is just a taste of what he will be giving fans in 2013 when he releases his sophomore album.  CMTT had the chance to talk with Craig and find out all about the new project, touring and his plans for 2013.

CMTT:  The single “Outta My Head” is now out on radio for the fans to hear. Did you know you had to record that song when you first heard it?
Craig Campbell:  Absolutely! For a couple of weeks there we were just listening to hundreds of songs trying to get ready to record this new album. That song was one that just jumped out at me and slapped me right in the face and I loved it right away. I listened to it over and over and over and never got tired of it.

CMTT:  You recently shot the video for “Outta My Head.” Can you tell me a bit about the video and what it was like shooting it?
Craig Campbell:   The video was a lot of fun! Mason Dixon was the director and his treatment was just perfect, and we didn’t even have to make any changes to it. We shot it in downtown Franklin. For me the biggest challenge was that I had never done any acting. It was different for me…I had to kiss a girl in the video that was NOT my wife. It was a little weird for me. The video turned out awesome though and I love making videos.

CMTT:  The EP comes out December 4th. One of the songs called “That’s Why God Made A Front Porch” you co-wrote. Where did the idea for this song come from?

Craig Campbell:  I wrote it with Lee Miller. I can’t exactly remember where the idea came from, but it is definitely one of my favorite songs lyrically that I have ever written. I am super proud of it. It is the kind of song I like to write that deals with real life. I think country music, as a whole, you can close your eyes and kind of see everything that is going on in a country song.

CMTT: Your full sophomore album is coming out in 2013. What should the fans expect from the new album? Any surprises?
Craig Campbell:  We have recorded about half of it so far. We have a new drummer and bass player. I am trying to keep it fresh and new. It is something the fans will enjoy listening to. I wanted to make sure to not make the mistake of making the same album I made the first time around, I wanted this one to be unique. As a sophomore album I wanted it to be awesome…but it is still me. Some of the songs I wrote, and some I didn’t and I think everyone is going to like it.

  You were just in Switzerland recently. How did the crowd respond to your music over there?
Craig Campbell:  It was a perfect crowd for me. I am more of a traditional guy and the shows I did were more of a Ryman crowd. They absolutely loved country music.

CMTT:  Is touring over seas something you would like to do more of in the future?
Craig Campbell:  Every now and again, but this is my home. I have some great fans here and we don’t want to forget about the fans we have here in the states.

CMTT:  You followed your dream to Nashville and started out playing in the Honky Tonks. Fast forward to more recent years and there you were making an Opry debut at the Opry’s 85th birthday celebration. How did that feel?
Craig Campbell:
  It wouldn’t have mattered to me if it were the 85th, 100th (birthday) or whatever. It was just a dream come true for me to be on the Opry stage!  On behalf of all country music singers I think we just want to one day sing on that stage. It just so happened that my debut was on the 85th birthday of the Opry.

CMTT:  Who are some fellow artists you look up to and are a fan of?
Craig Campbell:  Travis Tritt, Joe Diffie, Tracy Lawrence, Shenandoah, Randy Travis….the early 90’s country music is filled with some of my heroes!

CMTT:  Is there anything you want to share that fans don’t know about you?
Craig Campbell:
  I have 3 tattoos. I have one on my belly and 2 on my back that are 2 symbols that mean “to play music forever.”

CMTT:  Looking ahead what do you have in store for the rest of 2012 and 2013?
Craig Campbell:  I will spend the next months promoting “Outta My Head” and try to keep the momentum going into 2013 and hopefully get on tour and get out there in front of some new fans! I love hearing people sing the lyrics back to me…it is awesome.

Craig’s single “Outta My Head” is available NOW on iTunes!  The New 5 song EP will be available December 4th
For more info on Craig Campbell visit

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