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The Band Perry – ‘Better Dig Two’ – Single Review

The Band Perry

The Band Perry’s brand new single ‘Better Dig Two’ dropped yesterday, and continues to be streamed by Rolling Stone. It’s the first single off their as yet untitled album, due for release in Spring 2013, and holds some promising things for the sibling trio. Their previous album for me was good but not perfect, as I felt that it was too trebly and lacked any bass sounds. This could sometimes come across a little annoying, country but teeny country at times. However, the songs were catchy and I knew TBP definitely had serious potential.

This is the song I was waiting for. I don’t know how it will match up to the rest of the album but ‘Better Dig Two’ is gritty female attitude yet restrained, and oddly a love song, just turned on its head and given LSD. It begins with subdued twangy banjo and solo hand claps, allowing them to creep up on the listener. The vocal melody is in a minor key which builds on the attitude Kimberly Perry lays over the song, even in the aside sighs that imply annoyance. Suddenly distorted electric guitar and drums take the place of the solo hand claps and the song peaks very quickly into the chorus, with a heavy full production behind the vocals, the banjo giving it a kind of menacing twang. Throughout the song regularly drops down to the initial stripped back feel then launches straight back into the storm that is the rest of the instruments. This makes for an interesting effect, clashing the two sounds and keeping the listener on their toes, despite the actual instruments used being fairly simple and the same throughout. It’s a clever way to keep it simple yet interesting. In addition a chorus effect is used on her vocals towards the end, which really builds the momentum.

The lyrics are a woman’s declaration of such love for her husband that she can’t live without him, and that if he leaves her, or dies, she will ‘die of a broken heart’, and ask to be buried next to him. I transcribed the lyrics last night just to be sure because the content doesn’t really match the sound of the song. It’s a love song, yet is tangled within a musical base that is reminiscent of Miranda Lambert, feisty and full of attitude. However, after further thought, it feels as if the songs may be a sly threat to the narrator’s husband, that if he decides to leave her after all her devotion to him, she will do the ultimate and kill herself, or rather that his betrayal will kill her. There is also the idea that if he dies before her, she will be angry and therefore by being buried next to him she can haunt him forever and never let him be. A little sinister? Well, it matches the sound a lot better.

There is not a lot to this song and yet it sustains interest and required me to look a little deeper into the lyrics to fully understand the context and meaning of the song. That’s quite refreshing in a genre that usually is very direct in its meaning (don’t get me wrong, I like it, it’s just nice to mix it up a bit). I love the bassier feel and Miranda –esque feisty is a nice look on Kimberly. Definitely worth getting this one and I look forward to their Sophomore effort in the new year.

You can buy the song here.

Vickye Fisher – CMTT Music Contributor
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4 Responses to “The Band Perry – ‘Better Dig Two’ – Single Review”

  1. Courtney says:

    Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

    I’m curious if this song was meant to have any relation to the above quote, as she’ll be seeking revenge for her husband leaving her.

    The song is mysterious and I personally love it!

  2. Michelle says:

    I love the song too and every time I hear it I try to piece together what it really means. I agree with everything you have said. I think it has that eerie feeling and she means more than just dig two graves if you die before me. I think it also means if he cheats on her or leaves her for another. She mentions in the song if divorce ever separates them… if his wedding band ever gets too tight… if forever ever ends for him. I think it is just if anything ever happens to “them” in general. That’s just my opinion.

  3. samantha says:

    i absolutly love this song. this song puts a real meaning of how a marrige is supposed to be, in a dark and twisty kinda way

  4. Stacy says:

    When I hear this song, the lyrics tell me that she loves him under no uncertain terms and that if he dies she will die too. What I also hear, and this has been the source of many great debates amoung my friends, is that if he cheats or tries to leave her she will kill them both. Classic hidden murder/suicide in a great country song! Thanks!

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