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Big & Rich Hillbilly Jedis with an Attitude

Big and Rich

Big Kenny and John Rich first fired into the country music scene in the hot days of summer in 2004 showcasing their quirky individualism with their platinum debut of “Horse of a Different Color”.  After a couple more albums and a break in 2008 they just released their fourth album “Hillbilly Jedi”, available in stores and on electronic media such as iTunes and Amazon.

This new rockin’ CD contains mostly upbeat strong tracks with lots of good ole country jargon and life mixed in.  The first song, “Born Again” as well as the 7th tune, “Can’t Be Satisfied” was co-written by rockers Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora and added to the talents of Big & Rich the songs are unbeatable!

“Born Again” is filled with phrases that paint kickin’ pics in the mind – they sing about young guns who try to fill these boots – they’ve been a dead man walking and Hillbilly Jedis with attitude.  It’s a perfect song to start out an album filled with great guitar riffs and awesome drums.

“Cowboyz” is by far my favorite on this CD – upbeat with a great party tempo it is all about partying and as one who hauled rodeo for years I can safely say the cowboys/cowgirls know how to party once the working is done.  I’m a cowboy, Baby – what’s up kid – yep, heard that before! The song is all about girls getting’ flirty and some getting’ dirty – gals have a way of catching a cowboy’s attention and Big and Rich in perfect unison have no problem telling a story about what cowboys do and how they party!

Not every song is partying and upbeat though – That’s “Why I Pray” is purely emotional and showcases a deeper side to this duo. The words dig deep into spiritualism with them begging for forgiveness because they believe in better days and that’s why they pray. It’s an uplifting song of spirit and hope with a grace one might not expect on this CD but coupled with “Lay It All On Me”, both songs round it out beautifully.

“Rock the Boat” is another one I truly enjoyed as they dance a jig until my backbone slips, ride around with Longhorns on a Cadillac, go longneckin’ on a riverbank and want to put a little turbo in my twang. This hillbilly song screams of fun and good times and the only thing possibly missing in this song is putting frogs to sleep in a bog!

The CD rounds up with “Last Words”, “’Cause I Play Guitar”, “Cheat on You”, “Never Far Away” and “Hillbilly Jedi Medley”.

I am happy to see them back recording again because their songs are just plain hillbilly, honky-tonkin’, rockin’ partying times. They are full of life and spit and vinegar in this CD and every partier in country needs this CD for their collection. HEY – “Get Your Game On!!” and Turn it UP – turn it ON – turn it Loose!!

Calamity Annie, CMTT Music Contributor
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