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Jo Dee Messina Thinks Chris Young Is…..

Jo Dee Messina Chris Young
Jo Dee Messina2

Jo Dee Messina has always been known to speak her mind.  She is well respected and never holds back.  The woman is full of girl power and I love her for it!  Jo Dee took to her Twitter page a few hours ago to express what seems to be her extreme dislike for country musics own Chris Young tweeting,

OMG! Just saw @ChrisYoungMusic.  He was ugly, arrogant and rude.  Really country radio?  This guys an ass.

She even went as far as to reply to a fan who came to Chris’s defense to say just how rude he was.   There has been no Twitter reply from Chris as yet but we are keeping an eye out.

In our wonderful world of social media artists are able to share their truest, most up to date and emotional feelings about whatever is on their mind.   It is a world I love to live in and I know fans love having such close access to their favorite musicians and artists.

I am a Chris Young and Jo Dee Messina fan all rolled up into one so this is a hard tweet to dissect for me.  What are your thoughts?  Yay!  Ney! or keep your feelings to yourself?

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28 Responses to “Jo Dee Messina Thinks Chris Young Is…..”

  1. Gayle Sutter says:

    Chris Young used to seem so sincere and in awe of his success but now he seems very full of himself and like he is trying to tweet Blake Shelton style – he isn’t pulling it off well at all. I like him less and less. Maybe he ought to put the hat back on.

  2. EB says:

    I’ve seen him out on a few occasions, and I agree with Jo Dee

  3. CH says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. She thinks he is rude, I think her comment is rude. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

  4. Anonymous says:

    chis young is a nice guy

  5. Kimberly says:

    I am completely offended by this. I’ve followed Chris for a good while now and talked to him on several occassions. Chris is by far the sweetest man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. People need to get a clue.

  6. Peggy Short says:

    I have met Chris quite a few times and while I know he is human, I have never seen him being rude. He has always been very nice to me and his family tends to keep him well grounded so I can’t see him ever being totally full of himself.

  7. SueAnn Hardiman says:

    Wow! Now I’m all for speaking your mind and being honest but seriously? How many times has Jo Dee met Chris? I’ve supported him since his NS days and have become more than just a fan. Admittedly Chris is human just like the rest of us and has off days but I’ve NEVER seen him being rude to ANYone. It’s true his family very much keeps him grounded and to be honest this is the second time in the last month have heard about Chris’s uncharacteristic type of behavior. It’s concerning because I know Chris to be a very down to earth, compassionate, and giving of all he can of himself to others kind of man. Just hearing of Chris being rude or snubbing people just doesn’t fit. Might be time to snip this attitude in the bud cause if it continues those who’ve supported an stood by him through thick and thin will be very disappointed, and Chris cannot stand to disappoint people…

  8. Cyndee says:

    Good comment Sue Ann. It goes along with another comment I saw from someone who said she’d noticed a change too. If fame is going to his head, the best thing his fans can do is to try to help keep him grounded. And if he offended Jo Dee – which obviously he did – he perhaps needs to apologize. That’s what good guys do!

  9. Lisa Ann says:

    I have met Chris and found him to be a really sweet and personable guy–was she perhaps not in a great mood herself? To personally throw off on another country artist just does not show much class in my opinion. She should take into consideration that everyone should be supportive of everyone else–and keep such opinions to herself. Thank you.

  10. Ana says:

    Cyndee..what did that lady say about a change?:(

  11. Lisa says:

    Having known Chris for several years, well before anyone knew who he was, my question is….”What did she say or do to him that made him act like that?” IF he did. Perception is everything.

  12. Ash says:

    AGREED Lisa. WAY before nashville star he was nothing but a great friend to me as well as his family..and i have the proof to prove it;)

  13. TSqueezie says:

    He is a smug, arrogant person and seems way too entitled. He may have had a string of hits, but his voice is nothing special nor unique, and is actually very bland. Ive met him a few times and did not like his holier than thou attitude. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, and he is. He needs a reality check. And Jo Dee calling him out may not have been the classiest move, but someone needed to do it.

  14. Missy says:

    JoDee has no idea who Chris is obviousley…he is the most sincere, caring man in country music! Love the guy. Jo Dee is a nasty person and is jealous he actually has a career right now…

  15. she should keep her opinion to herself she is very rude and nasty i think she should apoligize.

  16. Jess says:

    Glad somebody finally called him out on being a real dick. He picks and chooses who he wants to be nice to, and it’s typically only certain radio markets and label people. Just look at who he is following on Twitter. He quickly got comfortable in his success. I’ve been around him during interviews and seen him behind the scenes, he’s a handler and interviewer’s big challenge. And God forbid you dare talk to him while he’s hanging out at Losers. It really puts him out and annoys him. He walked out of that place when they played his second #1 song on the bar speakers AS A TRIBUTE to him. Keep it up tool. Whispers are turning into loud chatter. Maybe you can open for Eric Church soon if you keep it up.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I was supposed to meet him a month ago in Detroit, but he had to end up cancelling it because he was ill. I didn’t think much of it and I went on with my life. About a week later, I got an autographed picture of him in the mail. That’s something so sweet and so thoughtful and really shows the dedication to his fans.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Hey I met him in Detroit very briefly and he looked like he had just barfed. He was really pale in the face etc. People were mad they didnt get to meet him at the radio meet n greet but Id believe he was sick.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Can’t someone have a bad day? We are all human and in his business it isnt easy. I dont know the man personally. I met him 1 time briefly. Perhaps she got on his nerves…has anyone ever thought of that? These musicians only have so much time to do interviews, meet people etc. and they can’t please everyone. Id have to know what exactly happened before I could say he is a real jerk. I happen to be a very nice person, but I have days where people may say Im a real witch. I think we all do. Cut the guy some slack.

  20. Jennifer says:

    @TSqueezie- do you know him personally? It seems you have a strong opinion.

  21. Kari says:

    Chris is not trying to be like anyone else. And he is far from being tool in my opinion. He is quite the opposite. I’m a fan who has had the pleasure of meeting Chris on MANY occasions. He goes above and beyond for people and I really think it’s mean spirited of the people who continue to bash him here. Chris has chosen the high road and I respect his class and integrity in how he has handled this situation.

  22. Cindy Conner says:

    I honestly do not believe Chris to be rude or stuck up. My daughter and I have met him 3 times, we were w/him the night the tornado shut down the show and he came out and was worried for everyone. During the M&G -he really listened and didn’t shove you off like a heard of cattle. Maybe Jo Dee is the rude one….I know she has had several bad days. Chris is fun on stage and ALWAYS acknowledges his fans, He has fun on stage and makes sure the crowd is having fun! True, he hasn’t had a ton of hits, but I do believe he has now reached # 5 or #6 in a short time.
    And if you don’t think Chris can’t sing/go watch him! Chris can sing! I think the performers that take the low road are the ones who catch slush more as people are always looking for them to mess up. But they stay grounded and not causing trouble. Jo Dee if you don’t like him, turn the other way and then you and Eric Church can start your own webpage and see how many followers you have!

  23. James Otto Sweet Heart says:

    I can’t believe that someone here had the nerve to accuse Jo Dee of being the reason for Chris’s rudeness, arrogance, and ugliness,as if she did or said something to him to make him be like that! If you weren’t there, how do you know that she had anything to do with his attitude??? (shaking my head)

    God bless you and Jo Dee always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee

    P.S. I thank Jo Dee for letting me know that I have not been missing out on anything where that guy is concerned.

  24. LCF says:

    I’ve seen Chris in almost every type of setting, and I’ve never seen him be rude to a fan or another performer. Whether singing “Brain in a Jar” for a 12-year old girl in a coffee shop/used bookstore, or standing outside the bus past midnight until the last fan has had that photo, handshake or hug, Chris is a class act.

    I’ve seen Chris and Jo Dee in the same venue several times, at several charity events, and, when it comes to humility, I’d say Chris has it over Jo Dee by several truckloads.

  25. your mom says:

    I could not agree with Jo Dee more myself! I met him back in the day and he seemed so sincere and sweet. Seen him at a bar a while back and said hey and holy hell he was a toolbag. He has taken his fame to his head and he needs to be called out on it. Blake Shelton is rude on twitter, but funny and a sweet down to earth person in real life. Chris is just a toolbag all together. He needs to go back to the old CY that we all loved.

  26. Jess says:

    Ive met Chris, he’s really nice. In my opinion, I think Chris was being the better person and didn’t reply to her snotty comment about what she thinks of him. Chris’s my fave singer and always will be. I will always be there to back him up no matter what. He’s human, just like you. You don’t like the way he sings, or his personality, get over it. You’re just wasting your time typing about how much you hate him. Save your breath and get over it. Chances are you probably haven’t met him yourself to say that he’s really what she thinks he is. I know multiple people in radio and know people that’ve met him too, he’s not rude. He’s really nice and loves his fans. Respect that, if you can’t respect him the way he is, go away. Im a true Chris Young fan and i always will be. Yeah, he cusses, so what? At least he has fans that’ll be there for him when he needs em, like now. If you’re just now saying that you don’t like him because she said she didn’t, get over yourself, you dont need someone there all the time telling you what to do! You’re not 4 years old anymore, if you’re not a Chris fan because of what she said, you’re sure acting like a dumb toddler that doesn’t know up from down. Chris is the nicest singer, and person, I’ve ever met. She has her snotty, rude, uncalled for comment…i have mine!

  27. Jeannie says:

    Everything Jo Dee said about Chris is NOT true! Its all lies! Maybe she was in a bad mood that day! I’ve met Chris twice, and both times he was really nice and cared deeply for his fans. Does that sound like a jerk to anyone? Not to me it doesn’t. She should learn to respect other people and keep her opinions to herself. I’ve read some comments on here where people say to be ‘Chris fans’ but they are agreeing with Jo Dee. If you’re a true fan of Chris you wouldn’t believe what Jo Dee said.

  28. Ned Diggers says:

    Why does the majority here get their panties in a bunch over this? Who cares.

    That is all.

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