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Luke Bryan Gets Hate for the Nation Anthem – His Response

Luke Bryan

Tuesday night, country fans watched as Luke Bryan sang the National Anthem at the 2012 MLB All-Star Game on their TVs.  Even though he clearly hit all of the notes, a lot of people are wondering if he was reading the lyrics from his hand.  There are a couple of times the camera captured him glancing down.  After the anthem, the “Drunk on You” singer took to Twitter to see what people thought and one guy stood out to Luke.

So what does this mean Tweet mean? “You have no idea.”  When you watch the video of Luke, it doesn’t seem like he has lyrics written on his hand.  Was he just trying to focus? Or maybe he was trying to time it out with the flyover? Regardless, Luke did an amazing job.  I would rather him be prepared than mess up something that huge. I look at it this way…if the President of the United States can use a teleprompter to read the Pledge of Allegiance, then a performer can look at the words of the National Anthem if he really wants to.

Luke took to his Twitter this morning with an explanation…


Morning everyone. I really wanna explain the national anthem performance from last night.  I had a few keys words written down to insure myself that I wouldn’t mess up. I just wanted to do my best. I promise it was from the heart.  If I offended anyone with my approach I sincerely apologize. Anytime I sing the anthem it is an honor and my heart beats out of my chest. I did check my watch because I knew the stealth bomber would fly over 2 minutes in and I knew a started a little late.  Being a part of the all star game was amazing and I look forward to the next time I can perform the anthem. Thanks y’all. Love ya

So back off all you haters!  He did an amazing job!

-Country Music Gossip Queen-

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4 Responses to “Luke Bryan Gets Hate for the Nation Anthem – His Response”

  1. Grace says:

    Umm people who are criticizing Luke Bryan for reading off his hand you have no idea the pressure standing Infront of a huge crowd singing the national anthem. The All-Star game was showed in 21 countries. I bet he knew the national anthem but he didn’t want to mess up . It would be ba messing up America’s song . So if you’re complaining go in a big audience an sing the national anthem an see how It feels .

  2. Jack Blake says:

    Luke Bryant wanted to make sure he got the words right.
    Many times in concert performers use notes. As woth anyone when it was time to sing he was I am sure nervous and wanted to make sure he performed in a manor that would make everyone proud.
    To have people send hate letters is crazy you need to focus on the not so good events in the world.
    If he had of messed the song up there would have been people that was upset.
    Instead of eriting hate letters take the same energy turn it into something good for someone that needs help.
    Has the nstion really filled with people so ready to criticize about little petty dtuff with all the bad things going on.
    Luke has mothing to apologize for, instead of neing rude you take the time and go sing since you think you can do it and while you do perform make sure you use no notes, remember millions is listening to every note.
    Far easier to condem than to praise at least some think so.

  3. Larry lord says:

    I have. no problem with Luke and I would like to see him record some Pappychris songs.
    Google Pappychris.

  4. Rex Rodgers says:

    I think luke should record some great songs by songwriter
    Pappychris also, it defintly make him more credible with the Indie Fans….
    thanks Rex

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