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Chris Young Talks About the Pressure of Being Single

Chris Young

Chris Young isn’t complaining about all the ladies that come to his show, but he does feel a little nervous that all of country’s hottest guys are getting engaged and married!  He may be only 26 but at this time he does not…I repeat…DOES NOT have a girlfriend!   Lee Brice, Dave Haywood, and now his good buddy Jake Owen are all locked down and he wonders if this is bad for him!  However, Chris did point out….”Not to throw them under the bus, but they are older than me!”.

Chris also mentioned that the latest addition of Country PEOPLE got it all wrong! He does not like pink beverages like the article says.  He prefers his drinks with vodka and does like sparkling ice….(just not the pink one!)

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6 Responses to “Chris Young Talks About the Pressure of Being Single”

  1. Jamie Dee says:

    Where do I turn in my application for that open spot by Chris’ side!? And I prefer to hand deliver it, too!

  2. Jen Deel says:

    I feel the same way Chris!! All my friends are married or engaged. But it’s really hard to find a good-hearted decent person out there like us!! So I think we totally should date! Boy your gonna love me!! LOL!! Can’t wait to see you and Blake at Country Jam in June here in Colorado! I have sweet seats!!:)

  3. TERRIE M HILL says:

    Hello Chris,

    your to young for a woman like me,but you are a good guy and wish you all the best in finding a girlfriend out there that will last for you. velvet59

  4. Heather says:

    I will gladly take that position…. just saying… as long as you sing to me lol…. that voice, makes me melt

  5. brandy says:

    woo hoo I’ll gladly date him.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Marry me!!!!

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