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Dolly Parton & Queen Latifah Talk ‘Joyful Noise’ with Redbook

The stars of Joyful Noise, Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah, chat with REDBOOK about their upcoming movie, friendship and childhoods.

REDBOOK: Tell us about your new movie, which is kind of like Glee set in the gospel world.

Dolly Parton: It’s about a small town struggling to stay afloat.
Queen Latifah: People are losing jobs, and this choir lifts them up.

REDBOOK: Did either one of you identify with the story?

Dolly Parton: Coming from a little town with a lot of hard knocks, I can relate. My grandpa was a preacher, and we had plenty of poor relatives.
Queen Latifah: I grew up singing church music in Bible school, where we kids [from East Orange, NJ] went during vacations to stay out of trouble. My aunt was a choir director and I used to go to rehearsal with her.
Dolly Parton: When I first started writing, recording and performing, it was a gospel. At our little Pentecostal church, we’d do hand-clapping and holy-roller moves.

REDBOOK: Had you known that about Dolly, Latifah?

Queen Latifah: No. I also found out she can rap! And I learned so much just watching her operate with her crew. She gets up and cooks breakfast for everyone, and then pulls 12 to 14 hours a day on set, and still makes friends and family feel they are important.

REDBOOK: What else did you two bond over?

Dolly Parton: We love to eat! I’ve been fighting that battle forever. Latifah would be like, “Damn you!” because I’d be cooking up chicken and dumplings and she’d be trying to diet…
Queen Latifah: Dolly would make this peanut brittle fudge and chocolate treat. I would try to stay away from that, but it would disappear.

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