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Luke Bryan & Wife Celebrate a Big Night Out…On Twitter…Sorta

Luke Bryan

Last night, Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, celebrated their anniversary at the posh Nashville Sushi joint, Virago. The couple wined and dined on Dom Perignon. Luke took to twitter to announce his anniversary excitement early in the night.

It’s my anniversary. Daddys getting lucky.

Well, as so many of us have done…the tweets turned into a drunken rant after Luke admittedly had a few too many extra curricular beverages and a run-in with the manager of Virago.

Hey y’all. It’s been a great night. But. How ever. Virago the sub par sushi joint made me take my hat off mid meal.After 2 bottles of dom. So will never eat mediocre sushi again on my anniversary. So pissed…Join me in my boycott of virago. Sushi restaurant against those who sing and perform country music….Oh I forgot to mention that I put it on as I was levin leaving.Yes I left a 150 dollar tip. Had the manager not scolded me like a child I would have left double that. If the server would like to claim the rest of the tip …Yee oh country world. Join in arms to maintain the integrity of dining. Would red lobster Treat us this way. Hell no.Good night everyone…Let me .clear the air….I’m is drunk. Love y’all. See y’all in the morning…

Now, for someone like…let’s say, Blake Shelton… a twitter marathon like this would be nothing out of the ordinary. But from the strong and mostly silent Luke Bryan, it came as a shock…especially to those who got the late night version which apparently included some choice phrases for the manager…These were apparently deleted in the wee morning hours.

I don’t know what it is about this Country Man and his hat, but he wasn’t too thrilled that the manager requested it be removed. Yes I know…some of you folks are upset…After all, isn’t it good manners and common courtesy to remove a hat at the dinner table, especially at a restaurant? True, but I have a feeling Luke’s hat is as much a part of his wardrobe as a shirt and socks….And, I assume that if the manager had requested the hat be removed when the couple entered the restaurant, a sober Luke would have done so happily…but two bottles of champagne later, I doubt our favorite Georgia boy was thinking so clearly.

This morning…Luke awoke with fresh eyes.

Word up everyone. Good morning…Hey y’all good morning. I feel great. About to eat a lovely all american breakfast. Wine, beer, champagne, and more beer. Yee haw…Well in the wake of my drunk tweets. I do wanna apologize to virago. The food was really great and the service was great to….Also sorry about the choice words…Also caroline and i had a great night together. i never really was that mad. I truly was being silly and got carried away. Sorry again.

Aw, c’mon Luke…I doubt anybody is really all that offended. And if they are, they’ve never had a few too many and took to social media simultaneously. I’ve certainly done it…more than once come to think of it. All you need to do, is continue to be more vocal on Twitter on a regular basis and no one will think anything of it.

This morning, Virago updated their website to include a brand spankin new dress code….You guessed it…NO HATS.


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6 Responses to “Luke Bryan & Wife Celebrate a Big Night Out…On Twitter…Sorta”

  1. amanda says:

    The dress code notice was on the site before last night and this incident with Luke. My dad always wore a hat, it was expected with him but he knew the time and place to take the hat off. If we went out to dinner, he would take his ball cap off and place it on the seat next to him and push it in so it was out of view or even leave it in the car. The manager did what he felt was right to enforce the rules they have for the restaurant. Luke should have to follow them, plain and simple. Just because you famous doesn’t mean you should be able to get away with breaking a rule no matter how small and silly it may seem. Good on him though for having common sense to apologize. Too little too late though, everyone saw it.

  2. Lori says:

    I for one thought the tweets were hysterical! Especially they came from Luke Bryan who was one of my very first followers on Twitter! He’s usually quite subdued on Twitter, which is what makes this so funny. I needed a good laugh this morning Luke, Thanks!

  3. Dee says:

    I would think he would know that it is impolite to wear a hat in a restaurent (even Red Lobster) I couldn’t believe he is such a ‘hick’.

  4. Dolores says:

    Rules are made for everyone, (even you Luke and Alec Baldwin). The only people I see leaving their caps on in restaurants are sometimes teen age boys. I figured they would get clued in by their parents eventually.I think you are getting a big ego Luke, too bad. Look at entertainers like Paisley and Urban, who you would think might have a big ego and they don’t at all.

  5. pjsummer says:

    Sounds like success has gone to Luke’s head. That is too bad.
    Shame on you Luke ! The world doesn’t need to know when you make love with your wife ! I feel sorry for her.

  6. Karly says:

    So success has “gone to Luke’s head” because he got upset when someone interrupted him in the middle of his meal to take his hat off? OK then. It doesn’t mean he made a scene and acted like a diva; he said himself he was upset because they interrupted his meal instead of asking him to remove his hat BEFORE he came into the resturant.

    And that tweet about his wife was just a joke; not a big deal at all. I’d be scared to know what some people are offended by if they took offense to that. Lighten up people!

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