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Tony Memmel Doesn’t Let Anything Stop His Dream – New Music Weekend

Although Tony Memmel was born missing his left forearm, he did not let that stop him from learning to play the guitar, piano, and harmonica. Hearing Tony play on this CD, you would never realize that he did not have all his limbs until you saw the CD artwork. He does not want to be known for his handicap, instead he wants to be known as another musician. Tony has a Bachelor’s degree in music and is a classically trained vocalist. As his website says “Tony Memmel has a talent and personality that you simply do not see every day.”

As a reviewer there is nothing better than putting a CD into your computer and from the first song to the last never stop listening because it is that good! I have listened to this CD 4 times already and I just got it yesterday. Every time I sat down to do the review I would press play and just get lost in the songs.

This CD isn’t your everyday country (as you can tell in the video above). It is more of a folk-rock album, but as an avid country listener I am honored to categorize Tony Memmel with this group of people. Tony has independently released three albums and his latest CD “Here We Go” definitely does not disappoint listeners! From the first track to the last, Memmel tells the stories of his life experiences that can easily be relatable to any listeners life. Every track has an easy to read theme. “I Know, I Know” and “Helicopters and the Riot Squad” deal with communication whereas “If You’d Let Me” is the tale of reconnecting with an old lover. Every track on this CD is a standout track, but my personal favorites are “Lord Knows We’ve Got Time” and “Sink or Swim”.

“Lord Knows We’ve Got Time” – The song starts off with a 17 year old who was in love, but the true love moved away. He gets the realization that love will need to wait because he’s got time. He then meets a new girl and gets knocked off of his feet! Everything builds up until the climax when he realizes that he has waited his time and now has time to spend with that perfect girl.

“Sink or Swim” – The first thing that you will realize about this song is its radio noise – it sounds like the song is on an old radio. It speaks of his love and how when the waves are laughing that all is well, but what will happen when they start crashing? Is the relationship going to sink or swim? Will you meet me at the gates or just run away? This song is backed by amazing instrumentals and has an amazing feel to it. This is a song that everyone should hear!

Even if you do not buy Tony Memmel’s CDs be sure to go find out more about him! He has amazing music and is sure to not disappoint!

Twitter: @TonyMemmel

Where To Buy:
iTunes: Click Here
CDbaby: Click Here

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Scotty B.
Twitter: @stupidkid2150

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