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Sugarland’s Stadium No-Show

Fans attending the Kenny Chesney stadium show last night in San Fransisco were bummed when they learned the #2 act, Sugarland, had pull-out of the show.  Apparently, Jennifer Nettles lost her voice in the recording studio.  Hmmm…It seems to me that maybe Jennifer can’t handle recording and touring simultaneously….Maybe they need to take a break and let her rest up.  It does make me wonder if their Nashville date with Keith Urban is going to remain intact.  Sugarland has been canceling dates left and right due to voice issues.

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12 Responses to “Sugarland’s Stadium No-Show”

  1. Diana says:

    I heard they just canceled the LA date with Keith Urban too. For me, not an act worth investing my time or money. I understand that one can get sick, but fans lay out hundreds of dollars to see an act, airfare, hotel, tickets, etc, and if an act can’t be reliable enough to show up, well there are other acts I will support instead.

  2. Erin says:

    and they get nominated for entertainer of the yeah? hmm…

  3. John Kreuzer says:

    It was a major disappointment. Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert and Kenny did a great job but this show needed Sugarland.

    Full review here:

  4. mel says:

    Hello…..she has voice issues……do you know how many artists have had this? Keith Urban, Keith Anderson, LeAnn Rimes, just off the top of my head. It’s not like they just say eh we dont want to sing tonight…..if she did sing she could do major damage to her voice which could cause them to have to cancel far more than a few shows. Cut her some slack.

  5. K says:

    Mel- It would be different if Sugarland canceled one, maybe two shows throughout the year. However they’ve canceled probably half a dozen shows this year alone, which dissapoints tons of their fans who came to see them. Fans pay a hefty amount for tickets alone, plus hotel costs, and meals, ect. If they are from out-of-town. They canceled three dates in Sept, Three as an opening act for Urban, two in April , two in Canada, and one in Ireland. If people are paying good money in these tough times to see a concert, they should at least have the courtesy to let their fans know of cancelations ahead of time. It’s not like Jenifer found out she was sick right before she went on stage. If Jenifer has so many “vocal problems” she should do the right thing and TAKE A BREAK. Or, better yet, learn how to take care of her voice that her FANS pay to hear!! Funny, Mel, weren’t you the one who was giving me junk about Rascal Flatts canceling one show and how disrespectful that was to their fans? Yet, you sit here and go on and on about how we should “cut Jenifer some slack” when she cancels DOZENS of shows on HER fans???

  6. butterfly says:

    I saw Sugarland a few months ago…..they were ok. Not a real professionall stage presentation. I am suspicious of the “voice problems” excuse. If her voice is so fragile, she should not be in the recording studio and doing concerts at the same time. Poor planning on her part. I bet there are other reasons for their cancellations.

  7. Diana says:

    I agree. Yes, she has voice issues, well then schedule less shows with longer breaks in between, record the CD after the tour, there are things they could do that would not inconvenience their fans. The canceled these dates and the KU dates with less than 24 hours which is not fair to those that are already on their way.

    If her voice can’t take the strain then do something else for a living. I

  8. TawnyTucker says:

    I get that she has voice issues…but seriously, take some time off and take care of it…don’t press on and cancel shows…

  9. mel says:

    I agree with all of you on what she should do. She should take some times off and rest her voice, but Im sure it’s very hard for them to cancel one show let alone cancel several. No performer wants to do that. As for the cd she’s being pushed by her record label to get that thing done and out, they’re not going to be too happy when she stops recording. She’s probably got pressure from so many different ways fans, record company, tour mates, herself, it isnt easy for her, and it’s a legit reason to cancel a show. Other artists have struggled with the same thing. Keith cancelled several shows, Keith Anderson cancelled months worth of shows after cancelling 2 or 3. LeAnn Rimes cancelled months worth as well.
    When you follow an artist and you make the choice to travel, you put yourself in a position to be out money. There are no guarantees in life, and at any point in time a concert could be cancelled for any reason. Refunds were offered for all the cancelled shows, so you can get your ticket money back, like I said you risked it with the travel expenses you’ll have to eat that.
    As for Rascall Flatts K, whole different situation not even comparable.

  10. Mark says:

    I think Jennifer Nettles has too many “yes” people around her. She has cancelled so many events, shows and meet and greets this year that she now has a huge PR issue on her hands. We all want to keep Jennifer’s voice in tip/top shape but she needs to understand it is better to make decisions about these things before… the day of the show. Cancel all the Keith Urban shows now if it is too much for your voice, please do not do it at the last minute. You will soon be in a situation where fans don’t buy tickets because you might not show any way. You have built your fan base with your live shows don’t throw it all away! There is a way to handle this that will not cause you grief. Get a PR person to help you navigate these waters, they will be worth their weight in gold and if you already have someone you need to tell them you don’t pay them to say YES… you pay them to handle your image.

  11. a says:

    I don’t know if anyone else saw this but Sugarland put up a video. You can tell Jennifer’s voice is really bad right now when she speaks. It almost goes out on her. Yes it a big problem and as she says in this video she has been having issues since January. It sucks but it happens. Anyway, here’s the video.

  12. K says:

    First of all, what Jenifer is doing is disrespectful and unproffesional on so many levels. Not only are Sugarland dissapointing their FANS, may whom paid just to see them, but they are disrespecting Keith and Kenny as well. A TRUE performer knows the show must go on no matter how bad you may feel, BUT they also know when to quit because of cold, vocal issues, ect. Sugarland is a very well-established duo, there is no reason why that should not happen. Jenifer doesn’t sound horrible in the video, either; the way everyone was whining, I was expecting her not to speak at all. It is evident by the video that she can speak fine; she just appears hoarse, nothing more or less. Rascal Flatts performed on NATIONAL TV when Gary couldn’t even sing, and Jamie Foxx took over. He didn’t want to dissapoint HIS fans, Carrie performed at the Opry last December on NATIONAL TV when she was hoarse as all hell also. Mel- Wake up- EVERYONE cancels shows; a respectable act doesn’t cancel haf-a-dozen when vocal issues are known by the artist. If Jenifer has so many problems, she should’ve known that before she agreed to finish the album AND tour. Also, being super busy is not an excuse, either. EVERY artist always has shows, interviews, album promotion and touring commitments year-round. If Jenifer gets some sympathy because of that ALL artists should. Yes, you are right that there are some risks with seeing an artist in concert; however, when people pay great money to see you, they have a responsibility to their fans and do the show, or give them enough cancelation notice. There is no excuse for that, especially when you KNOW you having voice issues.
    Mel- what in the world do you mean about RF having a different situation?? First of all, people DID NOT pay a cent, as they did Sugarland. Second of all, they had a prior commitment, which they HAD to honor because of delays due to weather. Sugarland had a SHOW to perform, which was also a PAID COMITMENT TO THE FANS. If you’re going to say that RF was disrespectful to not stick it out, NEITHER WAS SUGARLAND. They didn’t even give notice, something RF respectfully did. Every time Gary has vocal issues, they cancel the DAY before…why couldn’t Sugarland do that?? He had broncitis, they canceld; he was told to rest by a doctor, they rescheduled.
    You’re right, Mel, the situations are NOT comparable. RF cancels that day, Sugarland does it when they arrive. RF performs on nation tv when the lead singer cannot even talk. Sugarland does it when their lead singer is hoarse and can speak fine. Gary actually listens to a doctor and RESTS when he has vocal issues. Jen just continues thinking she can pull it off, then appears completly disrespectful when she “decides” to cancel that night. She is well aware of her vocal issues, she should grow up, learn some respect and handle them properly.

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