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Jessica Simpson Finally Dropped from Her Record Label?

One of our readers sent me some very interesting emails today.  He has been doing some “tattle tale” investigation work and it seems that Jessica Simpson is no where to be found on any of her record label websites. 

If you remember – back in December – we told you that rumors were flying that Joe Galante, the head of Sony BMG Nashville was furious with all of her antics.  They were threatening to drop her from the label. 

Could these rumors finally becoming true after her shaking tour with Rascal Flatts?

Our reader noticed the following:

Today, her name appears nowhere among the artists listed on the web sites of Columbia Nashville or Sony Music Nashville. Even a search of each site finds that any prior mention of her photos, profile, press releases – has apparently been purged:
You can still find old press releases in the Google cache, but they do not exist at Columbia Nashville or Sony BMG Nashville’s web sites.

For example, this used to be the URL for her artist page:

As you can see, it errors out, because she’s been removed from the database.  There’s no reason to do that unless she’s been dropped from the label.

So has my wish finally been granted?  Short lived country music career.  What do we think she will move onto next?  Any suggestions? 

Let us know if you have heard anything else about her status with the label.  Please remember as of right this moment….this is just rumor.

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44 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Finally Dropped from Her Record Label?”

  1. Anon says:

    Is there any way to get a comment from the label to confirm?

  2. Becky Hunter says:

    Geezz This isn’t good I hope it isn’t true but I can understand why the label would be upset if she can’t remember the words to her songs but then I see that as her fault not the labels fault. I hope things get better for Jessica.

  3. Anon says:

    Well you know she has no one to blame but herself. If she hadn’t gotten all that bad press maybe they would have tried another album,because she got good songwriters (some of them worked for Carrie, and her album was huge) and producers, but she just doesn’t sound country to me. Her voice just doesn’t really fit the country genre, it fits more with pop.
    Country music fans can spot a fake when they see one and I just think they didn’t really buy her as a country artist.

  4. Shara says:

    i cant believe in this time of economic hardship, you honestly get paid to dog on someone like this? why cant you just report this: her information isnt on the website anymore…
    wow is that really hard? i guess apparently for you, all you say is rude things about Jessica instead of having an unbiased opinion. yes, anyone can have an opinion but when you get paid to bash on someone, thats just foul. dont hate on her because you have something against her, just do your job. i mean seriously, unless Jess did something rude to you personally…i dont think you have any room bashing her like that. she is very sweet, has amazing talent and yeah, she flubs her performances sometimes…but shes HUMAN. everyone makes mistake. she forgets words, like your boss pays you to write about how much you hate her. at least she isnt pointing people out with her mistakes, shes learning from them. so why dont you be like the grinch and actually have your petty, little heart grow 2 sizes today and shut up about her already. shes an amazing singer, she just gets a lot of flack…like the kind you enjoy so much giving her. thanks for adding to the problem.

  5. Country Girl says:

    WOW! Looks like I hit a nerve again with Jessica Simpson fans. Sorry if you feel that I was bashing her. There was no name calling or down grading in this specific post. If you read our blog you know that we are not Jessica Simpson fans. She does not sing my taste of what she calls country music and some of the things that she has said and done in the press make it very easy for us to make fun of. I don’t get paid to write for this blog I just consider it a lot fun. If all we wrote about were mushing, sugar coated good things about everyone – NO ONE would read. The GREAT thing about writing for a blog is I don’t have to say overly nice and untrue things about people. I can speak my mind and brush off people who don’t agree with me. As for the size of my heart – it’s bursting with love and exictement for those who deserve it.

  6. Colleen says:

    Um Shara she obviously isn’t learning from her mistakes if she keeps doing it over and over and over again. If it was just once then yea, people screw up but it has been a consistent thing with her. You don’t hear of any other country artists screwing up their words on a consistent basis, just Jessica. Maybe if she put a little effort into her “music” career and I don’t know LEARNED THE WORDS TO HER OWN SONG, perhaps she would not have been dropped by her label. And stop hating on Country Girl, I thought she was actually reserved in her posting of this.
    And yes I think it is fair to say she was dropped by them. When artists info is scrubbed from the site that is usually the reason why, they were released. Most likely people will catch on to this and it will spread and they will both release a statement. And before people start bashing me I don’t hate Jessica. I actually kinda liked that song “with you”, it was catchy, but I just don’t buy her as a country artist. It all just seemed totally forced and contrite to me, it came totally out of nowhere and right after her last pop album didn’t do as well as her previous album.
    I mean she has a good voice, but sometimes I think she thinks she has a bigger range than she actually has. She shouts too much, and it’s really painful to watch her try and do these huge notes that she just has no chance at hitting. I mean she physically looks in pain doing it, and I should know cause I saw her in concert with the Flatts. I actually kind of felt bad for her, she didn’t really look all that comfortable on the stage.
    OK well that is my 3 cents ;).

  7. new yorker says:

    I do not feel as though Jessica Simpson does not know her words to her songs. I feel like she is a sweet girl who never really though or considered the realities of her career way before she was famous. I think when she was young she was comfortable with her voice and herself. I think she sang her ass off continuously, and i watch alot of her performances on the computer. But since her divorce, she has been a different woman, she does not care what people have to say about her weight or her album that is coutry, personally i wish she would have been country first and foremost!! I like her album, i like all her songs, i like everything she stands for. I think you and i and the rest of you are NOT performers and we have no idea what it takes to get up there and do what she does, we do not know anything about the way it works and what can go wrong. Her high notes are amazing, i think, and for a such a small girl they are pretty high. No one has to like anyone, but as a person and a human being, i hope you do not want her career to fall under the tire, because humanly and soul saving wise that just wouldnt be right. Give this girl a chance to feel herself round country and who she is, she’ll find her way right to where she sould be…

  8. Colleen says:

    You’ve got some clever readers Country Girl, this story is everywhere now. It was just reported on Perez Hilton’s website, and that guy gets sooo many hits, I’m sure the label will have to make a statement soon either way. I am actually interested in what they both have to say. I hope her dad doesn’t try and spin this on Carrie or the evil Media again. It’s not their fault people didn’t buy the record.
    Props to being the first Country Girl! I bet the jerks who report basically the same thing you said first won’t even give you credit.

  9. Ashlee says:

    Her country “career” was a joke anyhow. She’ll move on to other things….

  10. Tex says:

    Perez and several others linked back here, so CMTT may get a little traffic boost today. As far as Simpson camp spin, I think their pattern has always been to blame others for their failings.

  11. Colleen says:

    Oh thanks Tex I didn’t see that!

  12. Pam says:

    Her Sony Music Entertainment website is still up and running…

  13. Pam says:

    I am not sure why it is so fun for people to pick on Jessica Simpson, but she is with Sony BMG’s Epic label not the ones you listed in the article, and is still on their artists roster:

  14. liddy says:

    She’s OFFICIALLY not with Columbia Nashville. This from OK…”
    UPDATE: When OK! called Columbia Nashville, the label which released Jess’s country album, a telephone operator told us that Jessica Simpson has now “come off the label”. We’re waiting for further comment.”


    I think ya’ll are full of SHIT!!I am gonna be laughing at ya’ll when her next COUNTRY album comes out!!Jessica IS A HELL OF A BETTER SINGER THAN CARRIE UNDERWOOD WILL EVER BE!!!


    Oh and Carrie is UGLY!!Jess is BEAUTIFUL!!!Carrie is FAKE Jess is NOT!!

  17. ProudHater says:

    shara…lay off countrygirl..she didnt say anything rude or bash jessica. i’ve noticed that jessica fans always come to her aid and have an excuse for everything ….boy if you think “countrygirl” is bad your not going to like me very much, no jessica fan will like me actually, but i really dont care i dont know any of you thank God, i have smart friends.

    as a professional singer how can they not know their own lyrics, this is there job to know their music, singers practice and practice their stuff and are prepared because they have fans out there who go and support their shows they want to give them their best since without the fans their shows would be empty they want to make them happy not disrespect them by not knowing their own material. jessica may think its cute and she may think shes confident because she can start her band over according to her but to the audience it shows them she doesnt care to give them the best performance and that she is unprofessional, it is very tacky to start the band over and over again until she gets it right…being human singers make mistakes and some may have forgotten their lyrics on a rare occasion but it doesnt happen every night for them there on it and know there stuff…and for jessica it happens everytime…that is not being human thats being lazy and she’s a fool. she is not taken seriously in country and that is a reason why she wasnt acknowledged by the acm’s not even one nomination julianne hough started when she did and she got the award for top new female artist..jessica once again the music industry has given her the cold shoulder. she is not respected and i doubt she will ever get the respect she wants she hasnt earned it “wheres the hard work?” her country career so far has been a mess…its been 10yrs now and counting since she has failed to define herself in music. you can take the best writers out there and make an album but if the vocalist isnt good enough then you l fail just like jessica….jessica cant sing she cant remember her lyrics shes unprofessinal she doesnt seem like she wants to be country this is a pit stop for her in a desperate attempt to save her struggling career, she is a fake and country fans can spot a wannabe right away and having an overexagerated accent doesnt make you country sure she had one but her accent is ove done.

    colleen joe can try to pin it on carrie which i dont know how he can do that,???…that would be really stupid because carrie has nothing to do with her jess fails on her own quite well and i dont see how it would be carrie’s fault anyway dont quite understand that,… obviously carrie’s the “real girl who is winning” her career is incredible and tony will be all the seconds from carrie she will get, as for the media well there cruel to everyone…but just like her fans joe simpson has an excuse for everything.

  18. lalaine says:

    forgetting the lyrics to songs, starting the band over, crying and acting wierd on stage, yikes!…sounds like people got cheated who were there!!.. as if that wasnt enough they had to hear about tony this and her tony that…annoying , what a trainwreck!…

    her record album sold 65k in its first week her peers sell double or more in its first week even as new artists they did better, having one hit song on the charts isnt good enough her latest single pray out loud fell off the charts really fast and she only has one music video out..hmm thats odd usually by the 7th or 8th month theres more videos playing…

    why wouldnt her ecord label drop her…shes so over put a fork in her shes done!!.

  19. Dufffan70 says:

    ProudHater, I maybe a fan but I’m giving excuse for her. I did think she will get dropped with only one video and poor promotion. And for everyone who says she can’t sing, I’d like to hear you sing. She has a better voice than Taylor Swift, whom I think is overrated in the voice department (she’s a good songwriter and guitar player than Jessica though). PH, how do you know that Joe (whom I dislike, being an Ashlee fan) will pin this on Carrie Underwood (whom I also like and will admit is better in country than Jessica?) And I agree with Shara on most of her post.
    And it’s called Free Speech to the 1st Amendment. 5000 people died on 9/11 to preserve our freedoms.

  20. Matt B says:

    She was replaced on the roster (each Sony Nashville label has slots for 6 people) by somebody named Josh Thompson.

  21. Tellingyouthetruth says:

    Shara interesting that you mention “economic hardship”. What about concert goers that forked over hard-earned money to go see her give an uninspired, unprepared performances?
    How many more times do we need to hear about how great Tony Romo is? Or how her flatulence smells like roses? She’s 28 years old?
    Instead of dumping on people that tell the truth about her, save the lecture for the person that needs it: Jessica Ann Simpson. I’m tired of people feeling sorry for someone who uses the media the way she does. It was so petty how her camp(yeah, I’m saying it) perpetuated the “Carrie vs Jessica” feud. She’s been in the business since she was 14 and she had to resort to “the boy is mine” for attention? Grow up Ms Simpson! Maybe people would take you seriously as an artist if you ditched the ditzy act and got real.

  22. d says:



  23. hiii says:


    just check out at epic official website….

    there is jessica simpson….

    sorry…. she still have a record label….

    can’t wait 4 her next album……………

  24. fan of great music says:

    I’m not surprised because I didn’t think Jessica’s album is good enough for her to make it as a country crossover artist. That was her biggest problem, and forgetting lyrics was another. If Sony wants to make crossover work they should release and promote Kellie Pickler’s best pop/rock crossover songs to top 5 on Top 40 and AC radio. Carrie, Kellie, and Taylor are clearly today’s best country/pop/rock crossover artists. So far, only Carrie and Taylor have been promoted to pop and AC radio, therefore their sales greatly increased. Sony is leaving a lot of $$$ on the table by not promoting Kellie’s songs to a much broader audience and not adding bonus tracks to her physical CDs. Kellie’s current single Best Days of Your Life is her strongest pop/rock crossover release to date, so it’s a good one to send to pop and AC radio. Taylor co-wrote and sings harmony on it. The video is #1 most streamed on CMT’s website and #17 on itunes. Watch Kellie perform it on American Idol tonight!

  25. Liz says:

    I heard about it here too-

    I’, guessing it is true. I feel bad for the girl!!

  26. Nikki says:

    Josh Thompson is a much better bet for Sony!

  27. Kathy says:

    Josh Thompson is going to be really good for Sony and country music!!!!

  28. Jenna says:

    I have nothing against Jessica Simpson. And to be HONEST
    she doesn’t belong in country music. Country artist are
    like family to each other and Jessica stirred up some trouble at one
    point. She should stick with pop music. Pretty voice, yes, but better
    than Carrie??? HELL no! Sounds like whoever wrote
    that is pretty biased themselves about Jessica. Especially the Shara comment.
    You say CMTT is biased… No that’s would be you. Your one of
    the very FEW people that has “bashed” CMTT… This is one of the biggest
    and best country blog sites but you down them. What’s wrong with
    this picture?

  29. j.c. cline says:

    that was wrong,what they did to was mostly the recording studio.

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